Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Hannah XiaoFen!!!

Happy Birthday sweet ‘baby’ girl! 
It worked out that I was awake and able to capture Hannah’s reaction when she discovered her birthday balloons on the ceiling.  How fun to capture this moment!!
She loved them and they entertained her for more than 45 minutes which is a long time for my busy little girl!  How fun it was to share this exciting time together!IMG_4764We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ over and over again.  IMG_4752Let the balloons float up then pulled them back down again.  IMG_4770It was such fun to share this time of giggles together.  The absolute perfect way to begin her 3rd birthday!!!
Happy Birthday sweetheart!  This day of celebrating all that is YOU has only just begun!!
I believe a new birthday tradition has been born!  I have a feeling the reaction won’t ever be what it was today but still, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a sea of brightly coloured balloons floating above you?
Happy birthday sweetie!  Mommy loves you!  xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! The balloons totally makes me think of the movie Up! All we need is a floating Hannah with all of her balloons. ;)

  2. Happy birthday! Three is such a fun age!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! Are you really 3 already??!! :)

  4. Happy birthday Hannah! What an awesome girl you are. We hope you have a great day!

    You sure have an great mom! What a fun way to be woken up on your birthday.

    Make sure your mom packs a big piece of cake in your lunch!

    Thanks for your great comment on my blog. You are so thoughtful.

  5. How Cool!!!!!!

    I can't believe Hannah is three!!!
    Happy Birthday, Hannah! I hope you had a Marvelous day!!

    PS. Hope you don't mind I am going to steal your idea in a couple of months.

    1. You're more than welcome to do the same thing!! I saw the idea on Pinterest and it was the best, especially at 3yo! The age of wonder!!

      I purchased a helium tank with balloons at Costco and did them myself after she went to bed Sun night. Very easy and you don't have the challenge of transporting the filled balloons. The only change I would make for next time is to go to a local party store and buy the gel stuff (hi-float?) that goes into the balloons first to help keep them floating longer. Hannah's were all on the floor by the time we got home last night but she's still enjoying them and every time we change floors the balloons have to come with us....all 15 of them! :o)

  6. That is the best idea ever! I love her smile! Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl!

  7. Can't believe that little Hannah is three already. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

    I used to have the same ivy comforter set, then I sold it at a garage sale and regretted it, then last week at the laundromat (had to do one big blanket there), I saw a man walking in with the same ivy comforter! Such fun to see it on your bed.

  9. Happy happy birthday sweet Hannah! The balloons were lovely and I know you and your mama had a wonderful day.

  10. What a great reaction! A great way to start a birthday!

    Keep smilin!

  11. Happy Birthday Hannah! 3 is such a wonderful age ...

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Hannah!!!
    Heck, I'd love to wake up to balloons in my room and I'll be three decades her senior coming Tuesday ;) And that hi-float stuff is AWESOME!!!
    I hope you both had a truly wonderful day celebrating such a special little girl :)

  13. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!! You are a treasure and a blessing to everyone!

  14. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! I hope that you had a wonderful day!


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