Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Where Bobble Chippey Go?

Hannah really enjoyed her adventures with Bobble Chippey and one thing I didn’t anticipate was that more than a week later she’d still wake up each morning and talk about him.IMG_3884

I’ve told her that he’ll be back next Christmas and that he’s helping Santa at the North Pole make toys for next year.  (This is also sweet as her comment to that is often, ‘He make toys for Kenna?  I already have toys. Smile)  I tell her he’s playing with his friends Frosted Flake and Chippey but still, she talks about him each morning.  It’s cute and it shows me how much she enjoyed this fun little tradition that we began this year.

Does any one else’s child still talk about their elf each morning?


  1. My boys have only asked once if he was coming back next year and owen has asked if he'd be showing up in the box again :) I think he's trying to test the 'realness' of the elf ;)

    Hannah on the other hand has often asked where "snowflake" is. I've told her the same as you - he's gone back to the North Pole to help Santa. I wonder if next year she'll still call our elf 'snowflake' or if she'll call him by his real name 'frosted flake'?

  2. My triplets still want to wish Xavier (their elf) a goodnight every night! They keep yelling goodnight. When asked why they are yelling they say it is so he can hear them in the north pole. My crew are 2 1/2. So fun.


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