Sunday, January 22, 2012

*Going to Work With Mommy….Almost!

You may remember from last Christmas that Hannah went to work with Mommy on Christmas Eve day.   My dad had the same employer I do for the majority of his career and I remember going to work with him on Christmas Eve day each year from when I was not much older than Hannah!   This year was going to be no exception for us and Hannah had talked about going to work with mommy for a couple of months.  When she’d ask I’d tell her she could to with me at Christmas.

The day dawned bright and sunny and as we were getting ready Hannah was excited to be going to ‘Mommy’s work!’ 

We parked the car but as we began to walk towards our building I realized that our morning would not go quite as planned.IMG_3902

It’s not easy to see from this pic but when we arrived at work our building was encompassed by 3 fire trucks and 6 police cars…that we could see.  I believe there were probably more parked out back as the street behind our building was closed to traffic.

So, what does any good worker do when they can’t get into their place of employment?  They go for coffee!  IMG_3905

Due to the situation inside the building (which we never really found out many details about) we were sent home mid-morning.  Yay!  An extra couple of hours 2 days before Christmas was a welcome treat!

Before we left the coffee shop some of my co-workers came over and gave Hannah a bag of treats and oh boy did she enjoyed those!  Puzzles, chocolates, stickers and more!IMG_3907

Thanks Miss Pat and Miss Hema!! IMG_3908

What did we do with our extra time that day?

We went for an yummy unplanned sushi lunch with GrandmaIMG_3911

and then after nap it was time to visit Miss Ruth Anne who cuts mommy’s hair just in time for a cute trim for Christmas! IMG_3912



A fun day and gift opening at Nana and Papa’s was still to come!!

PS – Yes Auntie M, if you read the hair cutting cape I’m wearing it’s bilingual…English and FRENCH!  ;o)


  1. Even though you weren't able to go to work that day - the day sure sounds like fun anyways!

    I love Hannah's Christmas tree shirt and always forget to ask - did you make it??

  2. What a fun day! Even if you didn't get to go to work with Mommy!

  3. Hi Ange,

    Yes, the Christmas shirt is one I made. I found the idea on Pinterest. The only challenge I faced though was that the ribbons came unglued easily so I had to regular some of the almost each time she wore it. One time though I needed to iron it and was pleasantly surprised when the warm iron reattached all the loose ribbons. Bonus!!

  4. Next year will be here before you know it and hopefully you two will make it inside for a fun day. I love that you used to do the same thing with your dad...what a treasure for you and Hannah to share someday together.


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