Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gymnastics Graduation–Kindergym

Saturday Hannah graduated from her second ‘nastics’ class!  The first term which we began a year ago this month we were part of the parent and tot group and this time the coaches at her gym encouraged me to register her for a Kindergym class designed for 3-5 year olds even though she would still be 2 at the end of the session.  It was a big step (for mommy!) but I’m so glad that we took the leap!  She did wonderfully from the very first class, leaving mom with a hug then skipping off to warm-ups with the rest of the kids.

I appreciated that she was learning to listen to someone other than me and she did well…most of the time.  She’s still a normal, busy 2yo and would sometimes lose focus but I was very happy with how well Hannah did in her first non-Mom class. 

Each week I sit in the parent viewing room which is above the gym.  It was fun to look down and see what she was doing and then to wave when she looked up for a reassurance.  It was also fun to meet the other parents whose children were in the same class.  We would laugh at some of the things the kids were doing or giggle at their lack of attentiveness.  The coaches were young and they had their hands full with 5 3yo’s and 1 2yo but they grew too and it was neat to see their confidence grow over the 20 weeks of the session.  Thanks Coach Brittany and Coach Bria!

‘The train’ the kiddos make to move from station to station.DSC_9633

Catching some airDSC_9620

The kids all love the tumble track.  Today Hannah was in one of her ‘I’ll do what you ask when I feel like it moods’ and it took until she was about half-way down the track before she’d put her hands where the coach asked.  Oh well, I tell myself her personality will take her far as she grows!  ;o)

This picture makes me laugh.  Every time Hannah goes by this bar, rather than jump over it she picks it up and readjusts it.  There was one time way back in the parent and tot class that it was crooked so she asked if she could straighten it and I said ‘yes’ and ever since then, each time she does the circuit she picks it up…every-single-time!  Smile DSC_9623

I’ve seen big improvements in what she’s attempting and succeeding at, especially on the bars and beam.  In the beginning she would let go each time she went around the bar but now she holds on most times and pushes up onto the bar too.


Here’s my sweetie waiting her turn for her name to be called to accept her graduation certificate.DSC_9636

Want to take a fun step back in time for just a moment?  The pants she’s wearing are size 9 months and ones that were made for Hannah by an anonymous person and sent to us via M3.  I’ve always loved the ribbon pants this person has made for Ro and Ree so was so excited when she made some for Hannah.  I bet she never guessed (nor did I) that she’d still be wearing them 2 years later and that they’d still fit!  Hannah has grown taller in the past 2 years as you can see by the pants that used to reach the floor, but her waist really has not changed too much at all.  Here she was in February of 2010 when she first received this gift!  Adorable now and then!!Imported Photos 00286

Accepting her certificateDSC_9639

Hannah had her own little cheering section at graduation with Grandma, Grandpa and Papa in attendance.  She was also excited and surprised when Bec Bec came too!DSC_9644

Way to go Hannah!  You did so well in your first session of Kindergym and Mommy is excited to watch your grow and learn even more in the next session that begins Saturday!  IMG_4390


  1. Very fun seeing Hannah doing her ‘nastics’. It's amazing how much they learn in so many areas by taking these classes, listening, following directions, taking turns, being patient and the skills. Fun to watch.

  2. Very impressive! She is quite the little gymnast! Way to go, Hannah!

  3. WOW! It is amazing to see how tall she has gotten!

    Olympics here we come!

  4. Congratulations Hannah!!
    You're going to be a great gymnast!! :o)

    LOVE the last picture of Hannah waiting for her certificate! That could go in a frame!

    While watching the hopping video I was wondering if boys could join in the gymnastics. Then I saw the little boy behind Hannah. I don't know that there is any place like that around here, but I am going to look around. I think Nugget would love it.

  5. How fun!! Chick graduated on the weekend as well and I have many of the same pictures ready for a blog post. :)
    Congratulations, Hannah!!


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