Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY Party with Friends

Sunday afternoon we were invited to Ange and Gavin’s to celebrate CNY/Tet with some of our friends.  I will be forever grateful for the friends I made as I was waiting for Hannah and now those friendships continue to grow as we have many connections with friends who not only share our journey but also for Hannah’s sake, look like our family.  I believe having that connection is very important for her both now and in the future.  Adoption may be what brought us together but friendship now ties us together.

This weekend 5 families got together to celebrate.  Aren’t they cute?!!IMG_4305

Hannah playing with her new little friend Isabel.IMG_4312

Since this year we were celebrating the year of the dragon we found a cute little dragon craft for the kiddos to make.  They did so well!IMG_4313

My little love hard at work making her paper chain.IMG_4314

Final step….fedders!IMG_4316

Hannah with her finished ‘dragon muppet’.  Great job Hannah!  (Instructions can be found here.)IMG_4338

The highlight of the night was the amazing cake that Ange made!!  It was a Canadian version of M3’s awesome Dragon Cake!  We weren’t able to find single coloured M&M’s so she substituted with gummy hearts and it looked AH-MA-ZING!!!  Way to go Ange!!IMG_4320

This kids (ok, and adults too!) couldn’t wait to dig into it!IMG_4326

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Hey, we had the other half of this party! Except without all the beautiful photos... You should come to Ottawa this summer for the "Fabulous Four" celebrations.

  2. Happy new year. Wow. That cake is amazing. I was tempted to try it but I thought we'd be eating cake for a year.

  3. How fun! Our party is Saturday. You tried the cake!!!! It looks like a smaller version. I was wondering if I could make it shorter if I would still look good. It did!

    Love the crafts and the "Red" couch picture! Great traditions.

    Thanks for caring about Austin. That means a lot.

  4. Fun fun fun!! Love the video. And way to go Ange, wow!

  5. What a great party. The kiddos are all adorable and great looking dragon cake.

  6. They are too cute! I didn't know you took video - I love it :)

  7. very cute..
    love the dragon cake..
    looks like the kids had a wonderful time. .

  8. Look at all of those adorable faces!! So cute!!!

    What a wonderful way to welcome the year of the dragon! That cake is very impressive!! :o)

  9. So much fun!!! I just love the things you and Hannah do and how richly it is blessing your lives. Happy Chinese New Year my friend!

  10. Looks like a fun time with everyone! It is wonderful that Hannah has so many around her to share her heritage with - and more wonderful that you embrace it with her.


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