Thursday, January 26, 2012

‘Helping’ Mommy Shovel?!

We haven’t had much snow this winter (yay!) but when we received some beautiful, light, fluffy snow last Saturday Hannah was excited to help me shovel!

Many hands make light work, right?  Well….not sure that was the case this time but we sure had some laughs and giggles during the process!IMG_4293

My angel’s snow angelDSC_9600


Hannah only lasted about 5 minutes before she opted to go inside and watch Mickey Mouse but considering all of her shovelling ‘help’ ended up in snow piled inside the garage I think her decision was a win-win situation for both of us!

I think maybe she remembers this episode from last winter and her shovelling into the garage was retaliation for Mommy’s bad aim!

OK, we’ve had snow, made an angel, gone sledding and shovelled the driveway.  Yup….we’re ready for spring!


  1. Funny!! I had the twins outside "helping" me shovel last week and it took a L O N G time to get it all done because Pea kept shoveling my mound of snow back into the driveway. We had a lot of fun, so no worries. :)

  2. I hear ya. We've had very little snow so far too but I am more tan ready for spring to arrive.

  3. Love that sweet little snow angel! :)

  4. That last video was too funny. Mama you may want to watch your back in a few years. ;o)

    Such a cute little helper.


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