Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Special Way to End Each Day ~ Bedtime Prayers

For as long as I can remember, Hannah and I have said bedtime prayers together as we share our final evening snuggle.  We pray by name for each person in our immediate family and some very close and precious friends.  Others are added on certain nights, often triggered by whom we’ve been with that day, illness and also special requests that friends may have.

This year we added something new and Hannah is loving this.  We were blessed to receive many Christmas cards last month.IMG_4200

Rather than packing them away now that the Christmas season is over I’ve taken them and placed them into a gift bag.  Each night as we’re getting ready for our snuggle and prayer time Hannah selects a card from the bag and we pray for the family who sent it to us.  What a precious time this is and it’s our honour to pray for people who hold special places in both of our hearts!  We’ll do this for the entire year and then next January we’ll update our gift bag with 2012 Christmas cards.

This was the Christmas card that we shared with our family and friends. IMG_4224

When we were at my cousin’s house for a family Christmas party Hannah exclaimed with a big smile on her face, ‘Look Mom!  I on anuder fridge!’  Heh…so cute!!

For those who sent us cards, thank you!  I hope the thought of this precious little girl praying for you warms your heart! IMG_3651(This sweet pic both warms my heart and makes me giggle!  She was praying at the time that I snapped it while we sat in a parking lot.  The part that makes me giggle is that she saw a police officer so quickly said, ‘Pway Mommy!  Pway!’  We prayed….even though we were in a Tim Horton’s parking lot and all he was doing was going in for a coffee!  Smile)

If you ever have a special prayer request, please send it to us and we would be honoured to pray for you.

Also, thank you for praying for us.  Hannah is doing wonderfully and has had no recurrence of the hives.  We’re being cautious with what she eats and excluding all peanuts and tree nuts until we know more but for now, all is wonderful!  Thank you for all your kind words, prayers, suggestions, personal stories and support.  We greatly appreciate them!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6


  1. Well that is super sweet and we pray thanks that the Canadian post office saw fit to deliver our card to you despite the fact that I didn't put enough postage! ; )

  2. LOVE IT..
    sooo sweet ...
    I love your Christmas card holder..where did you get it.. I have been looking all over..
    Have a great day..

  3. super cute idea Catherine!

    Happy New Year to you both.


  4. What a great idea, Catherine! To date, we have been saying a generic bedtime prayer when we put Charlotte to bed until the other night, I felt that my mom could use a personal prayer of healing. My mom was admitted to hospital January 2 with a very serious case of cellulitis in her left foot and leg--it has been a very scary journey, with perhaps a little glimmer of hope received yesterday. To date, I haven't used Facebook to communicate information, preferring to be fairly private, but today, I felt the strong need to reach out to friends and family for extra support and prayers for my mom. Charlotte has been into the hospital to visit my mom, but she is too young to understand the seriousness of this building. Of course, she was loved by all who she came into contact with. My mom is on the geriatric floor of the hospital, so most patients' cases are fairly grim. Charlotte lit up a few faces just with her smile and the sound of her beautiful little voice. The other night, Charlotte and I prayed especially for my mom, known as nana/nina to her grandchildren. I'm not sure that Charlotte understood; however, over time she will.

    I truly enjoy reading all about Hannah--I just wish I could get back on track with updating Charlotte's blog. I'm now on my 4th writing journal, trying to document by hand her activities and developments in anticipation of the day that I can sit down at my computer and post some entries. I think my friends have given up on me and have stopped checking Charlotte's blog, but I see that there is still traffic from countries quite far.

    Great news that there are no more hives!

  5. Well that warmed my heart AND gave me goosebumps (literally) at the same time. You and Hannah are precious friends.

  6. What a wonderful idea! I love it. And I saw our Christmas card peeking out in your pile. I'm so glad we're on your list. You and Hannah can help pray Tziporah here safely! :) You're such a sweet family. We love you!

  7. It does not get any sweeter ~ period!

    Love your idea with the Christmas cards.

  8. AMAZING!!! as always, Love your words, your honesty. I thank you for letting us glimpse into who you are and your journey. It has made me pause and think. I have decided to make a few changes myself. Thanks for all you do..


  9. brought a tear t my eye, what a great idea~

  10. Oh No! We didn't send cards this year. :( I will have Chick and Pea draw a picture of our family and you can add it to your prayer pile. Will that work?

  11. What a great way to continue using those Christmas cards and giving a special blessing to special people every night, I love it!
    Your Christmas card is precious :) Love that she was amazed by it being on another fridge too.


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