Thursday, January 20, 2011

Splish, Splash, Sploosh ~ Downtown Disney

We woke to thunderstorms Monday morning but didn’t let that change our plans and we set off for a day of fun at Downtown Disney.  Ben’s Mommy and Daddy surprised him with a t-shirt of his favourite Disney character, ‘Tow Mater’ and he was SO excited!!DSC_6542

Thanks to Auntie K’s Etsy sleuthing, Hannah had a great new outfit to wear too!  Unfortunately due to the weather it was hidden under her coat most of the day but she still looked totally adorable!


Molly was sporting a sweet Minnie outfit too but like Hannah hers was hidden beneath her coat.  Trust me, she looked adorable!

When we arrived at Downtown Disney it was absolutely pouring so we sat in our cars for about 15 mins. until there was a slight break in the storm and we could run into the store.  We were still completely soaked after getting out stuff together, setting up strollers and running through the rain but hey, it wasn’t snow so we didn’t care!  Thankfully our group is all about the fun and making lemonade out of lemons so we  enjoyed our time regardless of the downpour!

After visiting the World of Disney store we went next door to the Lego store where Hannah and Ben had a blast playing at the Lego table.  DSC_6547




Once again Miss Molly was happy to watch from her stroller and watch the others in motion.  Give her a couple of months and she’ll be right in there with the big kids!DSC_6572

As we watched Hannah play, we teased that she has a big ‘personal bubble’ and needs her space.  Here she is in action at the Lego table.

Mmmm…ice cream at Ghiradelli’s.  Mommy ate the yummy chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce (there are no calories on vacation, right?) while Hannah was happiest munching on the empty cone.DSC_6584

One final group shot of the stroller brigade before we went our separate ways for a few hours.  Hannah and I were in for the long haul at DD since we were going home the following day but some of the others decided to call it a day and go back another day when the weather was more cooperative.  Check out Ben and Hannah holding hands!  SO sweet!!  They sure did enjoy themselves together this week!DSC_6578

After the others were gone Hannah and I continued our walk around the lake, taking in each of the stores located at DD.  We found some characters and she was excited to stand and pose with ‘Mimmie and Mimmie’ DSC_6585

as well as Donald Duck and Daisy.DSC_6593

We also added a cute little ‘Plupo’ stuffy to her Disney Collection and he’s been a big hit.  He goes with her to bed each night and it’s so sweet to see her sleeping with her little arm wrapped around him.DSC_6600

This little spot just outside Goofy’s Candy Co is special to me.  DSC_6602 My niece and I found it our very first trip we took to Disney and we tried to take a picture there each trip.   Now Hannah and I do the same.  Here we are last April.Imported Photos 00035

It is also special in that it was one of the pics I included in my file that went to China when I was waiting for Hannah.

After a private boat tour around the lake we called it a day.  Hannah was asleep before we left the parking lot and I can’t say I blame her.  We may not have made it to an official Disney park this trip but a trip to DD was a fun alternative.DSC_6605


  1. Looks like she and Ben are good buddies, and I love the Lego table too! Especially love the shot of Hannah laying on it :-)


  2. It is amazing how much Hannah has grown! She is such a cutie!
    We will be at Disney next weekend and plan to hit up DD in between what we have planned. Our best time was in the evening last June when they had a dancing contest. So much fun.
    And is it just me, or is Buzz trying to cop a feel of you in that last picture?

    Kim O

  3. Such fun times! I hope you are all having a great time.

  4. Could those three get ANY cuter? I ask you!
    So sweet that you are all able to enjoy Florida together and that you never let piddly things like the weather get in the way of your fun. :)

  5. Busy Wet day!!!

    However, the kids are really cute!!

  6. Love the fun despite the wet! SO adorable. DD is so much fun...worth the wet.

    Keep smilin!

    PS LOVE the ETSY find. Where did you find it?


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