Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If Only He Knew…..

I was going through pics from last year and came across this one and wanted to post it.  DSC_5977

Hannah and I attended our agency’s Holiday Party late in November.  One of the people in attendance was the gentleman above.   When Deborah told us who Byron was, tears immediately filled my eyes and the room blurred.

Byron was the gentleman who translated Hannah’s referral.  He knew my daughter’s face, habits, diet and personality before I did.  He took the paperwork that had been filled out by the caregivers and director at DaoXian SWI and carefully translated it into English so that I could learn the intimate details about the baby girl that I was already deeply in love with!Hannah_1

Byron is one of the many people that God used to bring Hannah and I together and I will be forever grateful for the time he took to translate her file.  I have held those papers, prayed over them, laughed, sighed and smiled over those papers. 

Byron….Thank you!


  1. I've discovered that God has worked miracles through many people, and a lot of them work for adoption agencies!!!

    Please stop by my blog and see what I got for my birthday this year...You won't believe it!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity to meet him! Special indeed.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I'm sure he must know how special his work is. I doubt he would do it if he didn't. What a special joy to have been able to stand with him.


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