Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creative Orange Picking

Sunday afternoon the Mommies were out shopping and on our way home we were talking about all the beautiful orange trees that lined the highway we were on.  We were all surprised and excited when we passed a sign that said ‘U-Pick Oranges’.  Cool!!  What a fun activity that would be!  It was late in the day so we decided that we’d go the following afternoon after the kiddos woke up from their naps.

Well, after all the rain we had Monday morning we knew that wasn’t going to happen so we got creative. 

Here’s our version of orange picking with the kids.

Find an ‘orange tree.’  Close-up shotDSC_6659

At a distance :o)DSC_6660

Hoist up the kiddos and begin picking.  They were happy as could be and our orange picking adventure was a huge success…even if it was only in our living room with the oranges we’d picked up at a roadside stand.  :o)DSC_0065copy


Hannah concerned about her friend Molly eating the outside of the orangeDSC_0082

Ben ~ mighty proud of himself!DSC_6669

Hannah’s turnDSC_6673



Although the orange picking wasn’t as we’d originally planned it was still fun for the kiddos and the parents too.  It’s just one more reason for us to enjoy a FL trip together again sometime – orange picking in the Florida sun rather than our living room.DSC_6686


  1. Looks like good fun but how did I not know that you were going to be at Disney while we were also there??? Maisie and I headed down to FL last Sunday and just returned today. Glad that you had fun but wish that we could have met up for a bit, especially on that rainy Monday.

  2. Way to make the best out of a bad situation.

  3. Lemonade out of lemons...or more to the point, OJ from oranges!! Love it!

    Keep smilin!


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