Saturday, January 08, 2011

Helping Mama ‘Shuble’

Last night when Hannah and I were out doing a little shopping we found a child sized ‘shuble’ for her.  What fun it was to wake this morning to see the ground covered with freshly fallen snow!  Before getting dressed or eating breakfast Hannah hopped into her snowsuit and out we went!  It was the first time she and I had played in the snow together and oh what fun we had!




Hannah and I haven’t mastered the art of keeping her thumbs in the thumbs of the mitts so holding her shuble was a bit of a challenge.DSC_6477

She tried to push it for a little while and then decided that the method of cleaning the snow off the driveway that worked best for her was to scoop it up by the handful and put it in the shuble.  So cute!DSC_6483

I thought it would be cute to shovel snow and then toss it onto her boots.  It was all great in theory until I attempted to hold the camera in my right hand while unsuccessfully tossing snow with my left.  A ‘Mother of the Year’ moment this is not.  It’s a good thing my adorable little sweetie is patient with her Mama!

Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!DSC_6494


  1. Cute pics of your little snowbunny!!!
    We *still* aren't so great about thumbs in mittens over here.

  2. I laughed out loud at the snow in her face moment. Too funny!
    We had loads of fun in the white stuff yesterday as well. Snow is wonderful!

  3. Unfortunately those accidents do always seem to happen. I'm glad that it didn't upset her. Next thing you know she will be "shubling" the entire drive way. And I so disagree with Kayaks. Snow is not wonderful.

  4. I can't believe Hannah stood there and let you aim snow in her direction a second time!! TOO funny!!

    Miss Lila

  6. All chores are more fun with little helpers :-) Our son got a "shuble" for his first Christmas.


  7. Really cute! I took Charlotte to the park yesterday and let her wonder around in the snow--I would love to know what was going through her mind. At one point, she leaned down to taste the snow--fortunately, it wasn't yellow. Yuk! I'm looking foward to making snow angels with this little angel sometime soon, but couldn't yesterday, as Charlotte didn't have her snowpants on and Mommy wasn't dressed appropriately either. I think this would be one of those moments when we need someone else with us to record the memory, both for Charlotte and Mommy--it's been many, many years since Mommy has been in the snow on the ground, except for when she fell skiing.

  8. Hee hee! Fun fer sure. She trusts her Mommy to stand there for more snow throws.

    I have had a hard time finding a shovel for D. Where did you get it?

    Keep smilin!

  9. I giggled a bit myself when I saw the snow in her face. She didn't seem to mind a bit. We had a blast with Molly outside yesterday too! And today! I am so happy that we have snow that seems to be staying this year.

    Maybe we will be able to get out the sleigh she got for Christmas last year and never got to use.

    We should get the girls together for some fun in the snow.

  10. Gorgeous. Heh, I'm a little jealous too. C prefers her supervisory role when it comes to such tasks ;0)

  11. Too cute! Happy winter wonderland!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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