Sunday, January 30, 2011

‘Sit Down Mommy, Sit Down’

This is a phrase I hear almost daily and while it warms my heart to hear my sweet ‘baby’ girl expressing her desires, it also breaks my heart to hear those words. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that my home is that, a ‘home.’ It won’t win a spot in a designer magazine nor a Molly Maid ad but it is a place where love is.  I love the time that Hannah and I share together here but there are times when she wants more of mommy’s time and as hard as it is to hear the words, ‘Sit down Mommy.  Sit down.’ I’m glad she knows to say them to express her desires.  When I’m trying to get something done, these simple words cause me to pause and question whether what I’m doing needs to happen at that exact moment or if it can wait? 

There are times when supper preparations are set aside in preference for reading a few stories together.  Sometimes the laundry is left for a day longer than I may have intended but a great tea party was held complete with imaginary tea, cookies and lively 'conversation’.  The dishes may sit in the sink until after she’s in bed but we will have built a big tower using her wooden building blocks and then shot it down with the ball popper.  Smile 

There are other times when I need to continue with what I’m doing when I hear ‘Sit down Mommy.  Sit down.’ but those words challenge me to ask myself if Hannah can help me with what I’m doing?  It may take a little longer to accomplish what I’m doing but we’re doing it together and that’s all that matters!

Supper preparation is still a work in progress but we’re getting there.  We normally get home around 5:30 so the question is always, playtime/story time or begin preparing supper and save those activities for after supper?  We have a narrow 2 1/2 hour window in the evening and I want to make the most of my time with my sweetie.  I think what I’m going to try this week is a 15 min window of time dedicated to all things Hannah when we first get home and then move into dinner preparations from there.  Thankfully we don’t mind leftovers so dinner prep won’t need to happen each night.  Also,  I may try to pull out the crockpot and see what we can have waiting for us when we get home. 

I’m slowly trying to get some little projects done around the house that I’ve been avoiding for far too long and trying to do them with a busy toddler as my ‘helper’ keeps life interesting to say the least.  Last week one evening’s goal was simply to unpack 1 suitcase and put away 1 load of laundry that was already folded and upstairs.  In those brief moments Hannah was able to completely empty a bathroom cupboard, 1/2 her book case and begin looking for what she could 'do’ next.  Yikes!!  The laundry did get put away and thanks to her start, the bathroom cupboard was also cleaned and reorganized. 

I find by the time Hannah goes to bed I’m ready for some down time and just don’t have the energy to attack bigger projects so another change in my routine is that I’m going to wake up 15mins earlier each day and slowly work away on the little projects I want to get accomplished early in the morning.  Tomorrow morning starts with beginning to work my way through the baskets of clothing in Hannah’s room and organizing it into sizes and storage bins.  Right now it’s pretty much just in a ‘too small’ basket and needs to be further refined.  It’s good to have a doable project that I can work away on each morning and then just leave it ‘as is’ when it’s time to begin getting ready for work. 

Hopefully with my project time taking place in the mornings before Hannah wakes, she won’t have as much need to remind me to, ‘Sit down Mommy.  Sit down.’

On a side note, my little smarty pants knows her mommy well!  On the Friday morning that we were leaving for Florida I was doing the last minute packing that can’t happen until well…the last minute.  Hannah was awake and playing in our room while I was packing in the office.  I suddenly heard, ‘Mommy!!  I stuck!  I stuck!’  I immediately stopped what I was doing and quickly went to see what I could do to get her ‘unstuck.’  As I walked into our room there sat Hannah.  Not stuck at all, just patiently sitting on our bed waiting for me to arrive.  As I entered the room she said, ‘Sit down Mommy.  Sit down.  Read story!’  Yup, that’s my girl!!  If she’d asked me at that particular moment to come and read a story I would have said that I needed to finish packing so she knew enough to say that she was ‘stuck’ to get me to come immediately.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh, shake my head at her logic and snuggle into bed to read a story with my sweetie. 

At the rate we’re going Hannah is going to be smarter than me by the time she’s umm….5!!


  1. Oh Catherine, what a WONDERFUL Mommy you are. Sometimes us Mommies have to do some things that cant wait....but when they can....keep doing exactly what you are. Nothing is more important than the time we have with our little ones.I just love to hear how Hannah knows what to do to get Mommy to come to her, Sooooo precious. How blessed Hannah is to have you for her Mommy.

  2. I love how you have your priorities in such perfect order! You see life with such clarity, knowing what can wait and what can't. On a side note, I use my crock pot almost daily. I throw in a pork loin, potatoes and carrots in the morning, or ingredients for taco soup. (chicken breasts to be shredded when they're cooked, black, kidney beans, carrots, tomatoes, chicken or veggie stock, celery, whatever.) I have trouble thinking around 5:00, so it's always good to have something in that crock pot that smells good!

  3. Oh My! Miss Hannah is a smart lil' bug!! :o)

    I know exactly what you mean with the evening routine. Z wants all of my attention when we get home and I find it hard to get a meal cooked when we're reading and/or playing. I'm sorry to admit how many times dinner plans have changed last minute to cheese quesedilla's or scrambled eggs because time has gotten away from me, again.

    I keep telling myself that before I know it he will want to come home and go play in his room or with a friend and I will be alone in the kitchen making dinner missing these days where all he wanted was to play with me. That makes me feel a little less guilty.

  4. My little almost 23 month old also tells her daddy and I to sit down. As well as her doggie, her babies, and anyone else in the room. Isn't it precious? We also have only 2 hours to eat and bathe and spend time together each night before bed. It's definintely a hustle! I manage to get laundry put away by sitting Abby on the bed and we sing songs while I work. She loves that. And she will drag a chair to the counter to help me "cook". But mostly I get my projects done on the weekends while she takes her 1-2 hour naps. Those are glorious!
    Good luck!
    -mom to a spicy almost 2 year old Jiangxi girl~

  5. I grew up in a home with 10 siblings, so although cleanliness was important, it was never paramount. My mother lived that saying, "settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby, and babies won't keep." It's a good outlook on parenting.


  6. Enjoy this time with her...
    Use the crock pot for meals or when you do cook fix several meals so all you have to do is pull one out of the freezer and read to Hannah while it cooks in the oven..

  7. Good luck with your 15 minute mornings.

  8. Don't worry, Hannah is NOT going to remember if she eats pancakes for three nights in a row (oh right, sorry, thats's MY house!) but she will remember the precious time you guys spend together! It won't be like this forever, one day it will be all too easy to make time to clean the house, do the dishes, prepare dinner and you're going to miss the days she was asking you to sit down with her! You are an AMAZING mom and are always putting Hannah's happiness over everything, and she is always going to remember that! Who needs a clean house when you have that? :)
    I am obsessed with my crock pot on weekdays and spend usually one day a week making a couple meals I can freeze through out the week.
    (PS that little saying Ruby posted is precious, love it!)

  9. I love that you switch gears when she needs it. Yes, I believe that our children (if they aren't already) will be MUCH smarter than us very soon. :)

  10. Emma's phrase is 'I hold you' and it is often in the kitchen. Rotisserie chicken is my friend, as well as leftovers. I have same issue with too few hours before bedtime too. Let us know how the mornings go.


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