Friday, January 21, 2011

If the Toddler’s Are Quiet….

….you’d better go find them!!

Tuesday morning Hannah and I were pretty much packed and ready to go.  The rest of the group are staying until Saturday but Hannah and I needed to fly home as I had to go back to work Wednesday.  Still, very thankful for a 4 day vacation with my sweetie and our amazing friends!

The whole group had enjoyed a dip in the pool that morning which was a great way to end our mini-vacay.



Afterwards the mommies were enjoying a final few minutes of fun together when suddenly we realized it was quiet. 

Too quiet! 

We hopped up, began calling to the kids yet there was no answer at all.  The outside doors were all locked so we knew they were in the house somewhere, but where?

When I opened the door to our room I could barely call out to the others as I was laughing SO hard!!  Check out Hannah and Ben and look at how proud they are of themselves!DSC_6655


Yup, when it’s quiet you’d better find the toddlers!


  1. No way!!!!! I would have been dying of laughter right along with you. The kind where you're laughing so hard you can barely breathe.

  2. Ok..that is FUNNY!! It is FUNNY now but when they are 16 it will even be FUNNIER;)
    Thanks for sharing as I needed a good laugh!!

  3. Ha ha.. Oh yeah, we've been there! My best friend, when we were in 1st grade, brought a tampon for show and tell. She demonstrated how it swells up when you put it in water. Can you imagine being the teacher? And no, her mom did NOT know about that one! So funny!

  4. Too funny, yep...too quiet IS trouble!


  5. Oh My!!! Too funny!!

    My daughter did the same thing, got into the tampon supply. She asked me why "those markers don't write..."


  6. ROFL! Hey, if it keeps them quiet and occupied... Funny stuff!!!

  7. I wonder if Chick and Pea gave a little tutorial to Hannah and Ben before they left for Florida...
    Isn't it funny the things we learn to watch for; silence is the scariest sound when dealing with toddlers!

  8. They are mischievous!! However, super cute!

  9. That is TOO funny!!! So cute!

    Keep smilin!

  10. I've had that happen to with little miss Sunshine. Quiet can be so dangerous.


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