Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Making Monkey Munch

When Rebecca was here a couple of weeks ago she reminded me of the times that we had made Monkey Munch together.  We were in the grocery store at the time so I wracked my brain to remember what went into it and bought the ingredients we’d need.

When she was here we made a half batch that lasted ummm…3 days!  We had so much fun doing this together that I only remembered to take one picture!

Imported Photos 00080

The following week I was still craving Monkey Munch so Hannah and I gave it a whirl together.

Mixing the ingredients

Imported Photos 00261

Imported Photos 00262

Licking the spoon.  Yummo!

Imported Photos 00271

Imported Photos 00274

Shaking it with the icing sugar.  As some have mentioned in recent comments, Hannah has left all babyhood behind and is now fully a toddler.  It’s exciting and yet I feel a twinge of sadness all at the same time.  Babyhood passed all too quickly but toddlerhood sure is a lot of fun!!


  1. So, how does one make monkey munch? You have left us all drooling.

  2. I haven't been over to visit your page for awhile. My goodness, she is growing ...and looks so happy :) Cheers from Summerside PEI.
    PS: MM looks good. Aly and I will have to try it !

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    The second link in the post is to the recipe. Enjoy!!

  4. adorable! I've also seen that called Puppy Chow.

  5. I love it! They get so big so fast. It is so much fun to do all this stuff with our girls.

    Keep smilin!

  6. She seems to have the shake down to a science (and the eating part, too).

  7. LOL we call this "puppy chow" in Texas. I usually pour the cereal and wet stuff into a paper sack, add a box of powdered sugar and shake. Now I'm really hungry.

    Love your blog and watching Hannah grow and flourish!


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