Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hide and Seek ~ Hannah Style

Today Hannah and I had an unexpected day together as she woke with a fever and wanted nothing but cuddles and snuggles with mommy.  She’d had a rough night which is unlike her, with a couple of periods of crying where I just couldn’t settle her.  Normally she goes down well and wakes once or twice in the evening and then once Mommy goes to bed too and she snuggles close and is gone for the night.  Last night’s sessions were my first hints that something was up.

Thankfully she reacted well to the Infant Tylenol and Advil I gave her and by the afternoon she was her happy self.  Please ignore the dirty jammies.  They were fresh in the morning but a day of not feeling well = extra treats if it means she would eat something.

Here she is playing Hannah style of Hide and Seek.  Absolutely adorable!!  I love how she hides the stuff herself but still pretends she can’t find it.  She made this game up herself while we were playing in our room.  So cute!

I also found out this past weekend that our cable company is now carrying Playhouse Disney 24/7.  Yay!!!  It was nice to have this as an option at 3:30 this morning and she was totally inconsolable.  After more than half an hour of crying I turned it on and within a minute she’d stopped crying and within 5 was back to sleep.  I totally get this as sometimes in the middle of the night when things are going around in my head I just need a couple of minutes of TV to distract my thoughts.  Like mother, like daughter.

What an unexpected treat it was to spend today with my daughter!


  1. I'm so glad she's feeling better! I missed my little buddy today :(

  2. I'm glad she's feeling better! The Tongginator stayed home from school on Monday after being sick all weekend. There must be a virus going 'round.

  3. Oh my word... that's the cutest thing. I love how expressive she is!

  4. Oh! Poor Miss Hannah! I am glad she is feeling better. I hope she feels back to normal in the morning!

    LOVE the video! I love how she puts her finer up to her lips when she's thinking. Too Cute!!

    Hugs to you both!

  5. Very cute! I love the "hmmm" when she puts her finger to her lips!

  6. Oh WOW!!

    That's the cutest game EVER!! What a smart little cookie she is!

    Ilana (7) says,
    "feel better Hannah!"
    We agree!!
    Miss Lila and girls

  7. I am sorry that it was a rough time for you both but yea for smiles and pj days with mummy! SO cute.

    Keep smilin!


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