Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Was Time to Let Go…

Last week at work we were encouraged to contribute to a Thanksgiving food drive sponsored by our employer.  I knew what I needed to donate but it still wasn’t easy to part with.  I dug through the cupboards and found all of the baby food that Hannah no longer eats and took that as my donation.  Another big part of her life behind me.  *sniff*


PS – My dear M3, if you’re reading the labels, that’s French!  ;o)


  1. You know, I still have a few jars of baby food left in my cupboard too and my baby will be 4 next week!!!

    Some are from Russia and China - can't part with them.

  2. We still have baby food (I still use fruit in their cereal). It will be weird to not have it in the house someday.

  3. Perhaps there is another child coming to you . . .

  4. It is hard...I hear ya. I hug ya!

    Keep smilin!


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