Friday, October 08, 2010

Disney Parks – Let the Memories Begin!


Disney has started a new program called ‘Let the Memories Begin’.  People are encouraged to submit their favourite Disney pictures and videos and many of them are posted on the Disney website.

Rebecca and I have taken a number of trips to Disney and we also took one trip with Victoria and Nana.  Great memories were made each and every time so I was excited to submit a couple of these.

You can see Rebecca’s memory here and Victoria’s memory here.

Hannah’s first official trip to Disney is just 32 sleeps away and I can’t wait!!  We are blessed to be able to go with my parents (her Grandma and Grandpa) as well as my best friend Sharon and her husband Larry who are Hannah’s honourary grandparents (Nana and Papa).  Truly, we are family.  What an exciting, amazing trip that is going to be and I’m sure I’ll be coming home with more memories to submit to Disney.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Hannah being able to go to Disney with 4 of her favourite people let alone all of them together.  Wow!!!  We are so blessed!  I’m looking forward to sharing some of our new memories here with you too.

If you’d like to submit on of your Disney memories, you can do so by going here.


  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures and to see your dream come true of sharing Disney with your daughter.

  2. My brother is an executive at Disney and it always tickled me to see your enthusiasm for Disney! My nieces used to have all of their parties with their friends there and would go so often that it was like going to the park down the street.

  3. Oh dear! Catherine you have made me cry again! Viewed both the girls memories! and then of course moved onto a few more.... lovely pic of a couple getting engaged, and a little girl meeting ariel dressed as her both had me in tears. I'm such a soppy moo!

    I would love to go myself! Maybe one day eh! It's a long way from the UK!

  4. I'm a lurker, but I felt like I had to comment because I work at Disney! If you get a chance- stop by Epcot Guest Relations to say hi!! Hope your trip is magical!


  5. Very fun, I know that you'll all have a great time and Hannah will love Disney as much as her Mama!!

  6. Oh goodness, Victoria's memory had me in tears.
    You are all going to have a wonderful time!!!!


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