Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Gift From the Heart!!

This beautiful gift of a baby pram for Hannah is truly a gift from the heart!! More than 10 years ago Grandma Dale found these prams and purchased one for her great granddaughter Victoria, one for a special friend's granddaughter and, one for herself. This beautiful pram has been one of Grandma's secret treasures and something she has enjoyed for many years.

Last month she chose to give this very special pram to Hannah!! When it was brought into the room I cried for SO many reasons! To see Grandpa pushing the pram, when he had had such a rough year and there were times that we didn't know what God had planned, was AMAZING!! God has done so much in Grandpa's life and at the end of the post you'll see just how big a miracle HE has performed!!

Grandma wrote in their card that people tease her about 'Grandma's Version' of the Bible and her verse (slightly altered :o) for that day was, 'Hope deferred maketh the heart sick - but when the desire cometh we all rejoice and praise the Lord with Cathy!' I like that translation!

Grandma and Grandpa, thank you so much for this beautiful pram! It will be such fun to watch Hannah play with it with her dollies and also take it for walks outside. For now, it holds a place of honour in her nursery and is a wonderful addition to her room.

Now, I promised to share with you God's answer to many, many prayers!! After almost 8 months of being hospitalized due to medical mistakes made; Lord willing, Grandpa is coming HOME for good this week!!! Sharon has been bringing him home for weekends since early in the summer but this week, Grandpa should be coming home for good!!! Truly, this is a miracle!! God is so good and we PRAISE HIM for answered prayers!!

I love you so much Grandma and Grandpa! It's homecoming time! First Grandpa and then soon after that your Great Granddaughter, our precious Hannah!!


  1. Woooo Hooooo!!! I'm so excited for Grandpa! That is wonderful news!

    That pram is a priceless gift! Such a treasure. I LOVE the words from the card.

    You have been on my mind so much. I am getting SO very excited for you!!
    I hope we can chat before you leave, if not most definitely when you return and have settled.


  2. Catherine... I have been praying for Grandpa, and it is such a blessing to see prayers answered in such a way! Can't wait to see Hannah pushing the beautiful pram!

  3. What a fantastic post. The pram is just gorgeous. It will be something that Hannah will pass down to her children. How amazing is that thought. You are really a blessed lady and family. I know how much you know that from just being a regular reader of your blog. xxxxxxx

  4. Wonderful post and such a beautiful gift from such a beautiful couple! Go Grandpa:)

  5. Your family is so precious, Catherine. I love how much you all love each other. :-) What a sweet gift!

  6. OMW... that is the CUTEST..
    What a wonderful ... priceless .... gift..
    LOVE Grandparents.. they are the best..
    I soooo miss mine.. cherish every moment..
    Love ya..

  7. Awww, I thrilled for you, for so many reasons. God sure IS good!

    That verse is also on Lilah's memory quilt our Church made for her home coming. Hannah sure is that "tree of life"! She will love the pram!

    Wow, just another week and a bit. Can hardly believe it!


  8. Cathy, thanks for all the love you shower on mom and dad. You have been such a vital part of this journey and a real support to us as we've walked this unexpected road. We are rejoicing in all the Lord has done.

    Just trying to figure you...if mom and dad are your adopted grandparents...does that make you my...neice? LOL!! You can start calling me "Auntie Joy" :)

    Continuing in prayer for you and all the Lord is doing in your life too. So much to be thankful for...God is good!!!


  9. Oh yes, praise Him! Will continue to keep grandpa in our prayers.
    Can't wait to see Hannah pushing her babies in that beautiful pram. Lots and lots of joy!

  10. A very special welcome home to your Grandpa! Such great news.
    I look forward to pictures of his holding Hannah...

    btw: you have made the move to our China Now on the blog :)

  11. What a wonderful gift of the pram; and so many memories associated with it; you will always remember and love your Grandparents!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  12. What a lovely gift!!!!

    And what wonderful news about Grandpa!!!

  13. What a sweet gift from your grandparents! I think of you often and remember all too well the many feelings that swirl about the last few days before travel. May your time multiply and peace settle in your heart so you can do all that you need to do. You are fantastic, my friend.

  14. What a wonderful post! So happy that your Grandpa is headed home! Love the picture and your Grandma's quote! Oh and that pram is Goooooorgeous! =)

  15. Oh praise HIM for taking care of and bring your Grandpa home!!! The pram is beautiful and such a treasured keepsake that you will have forever.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  16. God is Good!

    Can't wait to see sweet Hannah in your arms at long last!!!!

  17. SO glad to know that Grandpa is coming home. What a very special gift for a very special girl!!

  18. Hi Catherine. I've been thinking of you and counting the days with you. So happy to hear about your Grandpa.Can't wait to see some pictures of you holding your beautiful daughter.
    P.S Nov 2nd is my daughters bithday so I will always remember your family day.

  19. I have big tears on this post..what a beautiful gift and what wonderful news:)
    I just can not wait to see Hannah in your arms!!

  20. Oh my gosh this made me cry!! So perfect!!!

  21. Truly through love and support and the will to fight, anything can happen! SO happy that the pram is an extra special momento.

    Keep at it Grandpa! Amazing!

    Keep smilin!


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