Monday, October 05, 2009

9th Annual Apple Picking Sleepover

Every fall Rebecca and Victoria look forward to our annual 'Apple Picking Sleepover' and the requests to find a date often begin as early as July or August. This year life is a little more busy than normal (wonder why?) but this was one event I knew I needed to book on the calendar. The girls love this time together and so do I!

We began our time together Friday night when we dined at McDonalds - is there anyplace else? We made it a family affair and brought along Brook and we picked up Grandpa too from the hospital to enjoy some time out with us. The girls entertained him with singing much of the evening and he really enjoyed himself. I have a feeling though that he was happy to get back to quieter times when we took him home after supper and some shopping.

Rebecca and Victoria stayed over Friday night. They chatted late into the night... ummm...early into the morning so I woke them in time to get to the orchards early. We were there when they opened and took the first wagon ride into the orchards. I love that the girls have such a wonderful, carefree friendship. They called one another earlier in the week to coordinate their clothes. I think they did a great job and they looked cute together!!

Each year we take a traditional picture of the girls walking through the orchard. Here's our first trip in 2001 and...

now in 2009. I told them they didn't need to hold hands anymore but they said, 'We want to! We're friends...and it's tradition.'

Friday night Grandpa gave each of the girls a little gift from he and Grandma. We went shopping and it was neat to see that the girls chose to purchase paint and bristol board to make Welcome Home signs for Hannah. Too cute!!
I love you so much girls and am so thankful for this weekend we spent together.

Guess what? Next year Hannah will be joining our Apple Picking Sleepover for sure!!!!


  1. What a lovely tradition and a special friendship. That hand and hand shot & headshot is beautiful of them!

    Hannah is gonna have a blast next year with them!

    Keep smilin!

  2. OMW....LOVE IT...
    traditions are what make AMAZING families..
    LOVE IT..
    Tooo cute..
    Looks like the girls had a great time..Just think..Hannah will be in there next year....

  3. I can just see next years picture with Hannah walking between the girls holding both their hands! I can't wait to see that one!


  4. Great pics and an awesome tradition! Can't wait to see Hannah in the pictures next year. It is SO much fun when your daughter is in the mix! I can speak from experience now!

    Donna :)

  5. What precious memories. And such fun for Grandpa, too. Catherine, you are just the best!

  6. Absolutely adorable pics Cathy!!! Thanks for taking Dad along for some fun. He was still talking about it today when we visited him!

    Have fun at your parent's tonight!

  7. A very special day with some very special people. I can't wait to see your beautiful Hannah romping amid the apples!

  8. Wonderful tradition! Looks like a fun time was had by all! =)

  9. What a great weekend! Next year is going to be extra special!

  10. What a lucky little one Hannah will be. What a beautiful tradition...

  11. I love traditions and this one is great! Bring on next year! :)


  12. I gave you an award! Check it out here

  13. I can not wait for next years post!!!! 28 days and counting!!!!

  14. Rebecca and Victoria both of you are just beautiful and those smiles just made my day!!

    Love, Kristy

  15. I love the yearly hand holding pic. What a keepsake those will be someday when they're all grown up!

    Won't it be a joyful apple picking day next year?! :)

  16. Such a cool tradition. I too can't wait to see Hannah in next year's pictures. I love it that the girls aren't too old to hold hands still. What a special friendship!



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