Monday, October 19, 2009

First Known Picture of Hannah!!

Wow!!! Here is one of the earliest pictures of my precious baby girl and quite likely the youngest picture of her that I will ever see!!!

2 days after I received Hannah's referral (yes, if your remember the timing it was 6 days before I saw her official referral pictures!) I was blessed to locate Hannah's Finding Ad* and see her beautiful little face!!! I fell in love instantly! She was less than 1 month old when this picture was taken!!

One of the ladies in the DaoXian SWI Yahoo Group had done some research and located finding ads for babies located there and posted links to the group. It took my breath away to look at this little picture and know that I was gazing at my DAUGHTER!!!

A *Finding Ad is placed in the newspaper by an orphanage, normally within the first couple of months of a baby being found. In Hannah's case it was placed just shy of a month after Hannah was born. The Finding Ad shared information about where my beautiful baby girl was found, what she was wearing and the date that she was found. The orphanage places this information in the newspaper allowing the birth family to come and reclaim the child should they choose to do so. I hold tight to this little piece of information and I can't help but wonder if a dear woman on the other side of the world also has this ad tucked away, knowing it may be the only picture of her beautiful daughter that she will ever have? I pray for Hannah's birth mother and birth father and ask God to comfort them. As I am anticipating Hannah's 'firsts', is this dear woman aching over all of the 'firsts' that she is missing? I truly believe with all of my heart that she is and I ask God to comfort her when the tears for her daughter freely flow. I will forever be grateful to her and the precious gift she has given me in Hannah Catherine XiaoFen.

The finding ad information is personal to us and in time I will share these precious details with Hannah and should she choose to share them with people it will be her choice. This is her story to tell, not mine and I am keeping this information for her alone.

Soon this beautiful little girl will be placed in my arms!! Two weeks from today Hannah and I will become mother and daughter, forever!!


  1. Aww her first pic is even super cute!!!


  2. LOVE the photo.. great keepsake..
    Can't wait for 2 weeks..
    Have a fast one.. I am with you..10 days till I see my baby (well he is 19...LOL)...

  3. Thats truely amazing.

    I am so excited for you.

    I have a question.... do the orphanage know when Hannah was born? I mean do they know her birthday or can they assume it by how old she looks? I'm just guessing that when children are left thats not something that is left with them.. their date of birth. Will you celebrate on a particular day if not???

  4. Catherine,

    It is so wonderful that you will have that information to share with Hannah. The picture is precious.


  5. What a wonderful gift to have that photo. Our first daughter was 4 1/2 months old when we got her and we only had 2 photos of her.
    I am excited to see pictures and hear all about your first day together. It's almost here. :)

  6. What a treasure! I have Bri's finding ad and it is definitely a treasure to me. Two more weeks!

  7. What a cutie! Two weeks- sooooo thrilling! =)

  8. We received Miss Meaghan's finding add and info. also,and I agree they are true treasures.

  9. It's definitely bitter-sweet, knowing that someone cherished her life, possibly as much as you do, and that she will never know the outcome of your daughter's fate to be loved and adored for the rest of her life.
    It might be difficult for our daughters at times, knowing that they will never know. It's so wonderful that you can embrace a life before you as her mother.

  10. i am sobbing from reading this!! i was moved by your thought of hannah's biological mommy clinging to that picture of her too...i think she knows deep in her heart that her daughter is safe in the arms of someone who loves her sooo much and is at peace knowing she will be cared for and loved forever! there is definitely a reason God chose Hannah for you and I am soooo glad she will also be raised in a home that loves Jesus more than anything!

  11. Such a special treasure!

    Keep smilin!

  12. You are so lucky to find the ad. I spent $75 from Research China for it.... I will say it was worth every penny though. What a sweet sweet face!

  13. Catherine - i sit here in tears reading this post - and i am in awe in your realization that in your joy there is pain for another mom - not many people can see both sides of the fence - Hannah is truly blessed to have you a her mom - God works in wonderful ways - God Bless all of you!

  14. Finding ad pictures are worth their weight in gold!! I remember getting Darci's and wondering if I would really be able to tell if it was really her and I was able to pick it out immediately. It is something I cherish for her. I was very surprised but I got her finding ad while in China as well. The director had it for me??? Can't wait to follow the journey!!! She will be in your arms forever in a very short time!!!


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