Monday, October 26, 2009

Everything But the Kitchen Sink!!

Wow!!! These are the meds and 'stuff' that I'll be taking to China for Hannah and I! It's hard to believe but when I look at much of what's here I don't want to be without it when there, and then again once home. If we don't need some of them I'll be returning them to the store when we get home but much will become our home pharmacy. Having been quite sick this past week I've been reminded how important it is to have the proper things on hand.

Some will say that I can purchase much of this in China and you're right but, if I or my baby are sick I don't want to be trying to find a pharmacy and even more importantly, I don't read a speck of Chinese so I don't want to be guessing what something is or how much I might need!

You may wonder how I decided what to purchase and that's a funny story! For the past almost 4 years I've carried this picture in my purse that I had snagged from some one's blog. More than 2 years after I put the picture in my purse I was at my friend Karen's place and she was showing me her daughter's photo album. Suddenly I jumped up, ran and got my purse and said, 'Look!' Here was a copy of the pic she's put on her blog back in January of 2007, long before we'd ever met let alone become the great friends that we are now! How cool!!

Off to work on packing. My pharmacy is together. Paperwork to be copied tomorrow is put together....almost. But clothes for Hannah and I? Oye!!! The weather is so much warmer than I'd prepared for it to be (33oC this coming Friday in Changsha!) so I'm having to rethink my packing a bit.

Wheeee!!! I'm packing for CHINA!!!


  1. So fun! I can't wait to follow your journey to China. I love the new look of your blog by the way.

  2. hehehe! I did the same thing..took everything I might even possibly need. Like you, I just wanted everything with me "just in case".

    Have fun packing!! yipppeeeee!

  3. Just think that a week from right now you will probably be holding your new daughter in China, WOW! Try to take in everything you are feeling this week as this is the last week that you will be "expecting" and without a baby in the house! Have fun!!! (Sharon in NC)

  4. Oh my word, the packing part is so much fun. You might not have anything left in your house, but who cares...YOU'RE GOING TO BE A MOMMY! :)


    Jill xx

  5. Having just gotten back from China I can say it is not always easy to get the same medicines so I think you are smart to pack these things. Two things you should make sure you have is children's benedryl (my son ended up with swelling from a mosquito bite) and cold medication (just about everyone is our group of 14 families had a cold)

  6. Can't wait to follow your journey to Changsha.
    We were there almost three years ago and loved every second.
    Enjoy every sweet moment of this time !

  7. SO exciting. I cannot believe it is finally almost here :-)

  8. I had to laugh at your picture as I would tell my husband that the wonderful housekeeper who cleaned our room in Vietnam must have thought we were drug dealers when she walked into our bathroom! Though we have never met I am thrilled for you to be finally going to meet your daughter!! God is good!

  9. Had to laugh at the toilet seat covers! What a hoot!! (ya won't need those for the squatty potties!!) heh.

    Snick :)

    P.S. YOU'RE PACKING FOR CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Girl - you are ready!!! I'm with you - it is better to have it than not have it. I went to China with a cold and needed every one of my cold medications!!! They were my lifesaver!

  11. We brought our own 'pharmacy' to China with us. We didn't end up using most of it, but I felt so much better knowing I had it. While you may be able to purchase much of it in China, you don't know if you will need it in the middle of the night or early in the morning when stores are closed.

    One thing we had trouble finding, and we went to several stores, was disposable playtex bottle liners. We brought quite a few, and thought we would buy more there. We couldn't find anymore and saved a few for the plane ride (did not want to try washing bottles in the plane washroom). We ended up having to buy a couple of plastic bottles, which was ok, but will remember more liners for our next trip.

    Also, I think you have probably have had many others mention this, but save some Canadian diapers for the flight home, along with an extra outfit for yourself and Hannah.

    Enjoy the last few days, get lots of rest (I know it is almost impossible to do).

  12. Yippeee! So close to meeting Hannah!!! Looks like you are doing great. We brought a ton of meds with us, more than we needed, and we wound up sharing with others in our group who didn't have enough. We also brought a TON of hand sanitizer (germ-o-phobe here!) Others in our group ran out and I had plenty to share! Can't wait to follow your journey!!


  13. Catherine can you post a list of everything you have???


  14. Looks like a great little pharmacy,don't forget Benadryl(adult&Infant)i never leave home with out it and of course we went through tons of hand sanitizer!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your is soooo much fun!

  15. Catherine,

    You will be in Changsha almost the same time I was 5 years ago for our Dahlia. I'm wishing you a wonderful visit. (And coolish temps - wishful thinking perhaps.)

    Isn't it amazing how medicine and stuff we have to bring? No one would really believe it.

  16. I think you are wise to be well stocked for your China trip and at home. As a single mum you don`t have the advantage of sending a groggy husband out on a 2am medicine run. (kids seem to like to get sick at 2am)

    OMGOSH you are so close.

  17. Catherine,

    Have a wonderful trip to China, I
    know you dont know me. I've been
    a lurker for years. We adopted
    our Allie just little over two
    years ago from Hunan. The Dolton
    Hotel was fabulous. I cant wait
    to follow your journey to Hannah.


    God Bless,


  18. Just wanted to let you know that I am deliciously anticipating your journey to China! I am so excited for you! Oh, I remember those days of manic packing...well, I was packing for my pack of critters and I had to pack two or three versions of some meds...infant tylenol, junior tylenol, adult tylenol, tylenol pm, tylenol with caffeine (MY LIFESAVER)...makes me tired thinking about it! But you're right to take it. You don't always have time to go search it out. It's best to have it with you.

    Come to think of it, you might want to pack that sink, too.

    Have a fun week of anticipation!

  19. Gentle reminder.
    Everything you pack. You carry. And you carry it with one arm, as the other arm is carrying a certain little bundle of love :)

    It won't be long now!!!

  20. Great list Catherine.
    I second someones comment to add Benadryl for both Hannah and yourself.
    As well, before I traveled someone commented on my blog that they only brought one bottle of tylenol or Motrin with them. Not realizing that if they needed to use it(and they did) that would only give them 6 days around the clock supply-and thats providing you are only using the smallest weight dose. The last thing they wanted to do with a sick baby was to have to travel out to find more tylenol. Just a thought, you might want to bring a few can always use it once home if you don't need it.
    Better safe than sorry.
    Another thing I brought but didn't need, but many do is an over the counter antibiotic eye ointment for minor eye infections.
    Another thing I thought of was "Emla" patchs. They are like round bandaids impregnated with topical xylocaine for freezing. I use them for Ava when she needs she doesn't feel them at all. We call them her magic bandaids. You can get them behind the counter at the pharmacy...just ask the pharmacist. I only suggest this because I read on some american blogs that the kids need to get vaccines before they can travel...not sure if this is the case for Canadians too?

  21. SO worth it to have the reassurance and to have it on hand if you need it.

    Keep smilin!

  22. I am so excited for you!!! When I saw your ticker reading 5 days until Hannah, I did a little dance of joy for you!! I can't wait until you are holding your sweet girl!!! :)

  23. Good plan on the travel pharmacy. A friend of mine was in china a couple months back and became very sick. He couldn't find anything he needed or a pharmacy for that matter and he spent half his trip in his room. His advice is to not eat anything that you don't know what is it. Have the bestest time, we'll be thinking about you :)



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