Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Home Andrea, Wes and Sarah!!

What fun it was tonight to welcome home a friend and her precious daughter! Andrea and Wes arrived home with Sarah to a gathering of family and friends at the airport.

Sarah is absolutely precious and was so good! She took it all in from the safety of mommy and daddy's arms and we all gazed at her in wonderment. I've participated in 2 airport homecomings and both times taken a mylar 'It's a GIRL!' balloon which is a big hit with the little ones. I'll have to remember that little trick with Hannah. What baby doesn't enjoy something shiny that floats around?

Welcome home friends! Looking forward to spending more time with you and getting to know Sarah once you've settled in and recovered a bit from your trip of a lifetime!


  1. how wonderful to see happy faces, even after a long flight.
    soon, it will be your turn Catherine

  2. Always so wonderful to see another beautiful girl on her Journey to Family . I can never get enough of how wonderful it is... Soon I'll be crying with happiness for You!!!!

  3. Heart warming .... brings me back to last July 23 when we arrived home with Joanna Mei. The outpouring of love from our friends who met us after midnight (when our plane was delayed 2 hours) is indescribable.


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