Monday, March 02, 2009

4 Days of Referrals!

This month CCAA matched 4 days of files ~ those logged in from March 3 through March 6, 2006. This means 4 little beads crossed over from the 'LID's to be Matched' jar into the 'Referrals Received' jar. It's not many but it was expected as March 7th is a LID that has a lot of people logged in so it could take an entire month just to process those families who were logged in on that date. The excitement of the batch following this one is that there are two good friends, Lisa and Sea Star, who will receive their referral when March 7th is matched and hopefully Pug Mama with a LID of March 8th, will be in too!

There are now only 17 little beads in the jar and guess what? I can see the bottom of the jar as there are no longer enough beads to cover it! Wheee!!!

Closer and closer every month when CC*AA sends out their files! Currenly believe I will receive Hannah's referral in June or July with travel in August or September. Next month's referrals will tell us a lot when we see what they do with the large LID, March 7th. Another question that lingers in my head is 'when' will the next batch be sent out? Technically these files left China in February so the big question is, will there be another March batch? Oh how I hope so!!!

Can I hibernate until the next referral batch arrives?? Pleeease?


  1. chocolate and prayers for you

    love wela

  2. It is more exciting now than ever !
    March 7th is a little worrying day, it will feels nice when that day is passed and I don't want a 1-day-batch next time!
    Sounds nice that you still hope/expect a referral in June or July, that gives me hope to do the same.
    Can't wait to see the update of
    // Marie & Joacim
    Sweden LID 2006-03-23

  3. Looking good!

    I was scrolling through your California photos - and might I add...


    ONE DAY, we will get to California, and see the wonderful Salsa family.... then we'll have to come to Canada to see YOUR wonderful family! :)

  4. She's coming Catherine, she's coming!!!!

    Love, Kristy

  5. Four days closer, Yay! A June or July referral will make for a nice summer celebration. Remember we still have a date to meet at the shopping centre with both our daughters for Christmas shopping :)

  6. Catherine, this is getting SO exciting!! I just can't wait to see little Hannah's face!

  7. So exciting. The bottom of the jar picture gave me goose bumps. Closer and closer.

  8. Move over 'cause I am hibernating with ya!

    Love to see the bottom of that jar!

    Keep smilin!

  9. March 7th really is the "unknown" day hey???!!!

    Thinking of you lot's and praying hard!!!

    Love ya!


  10. We are getting closer, slow and sure.

  11. Great news! You will see her beautiful face before you know what hit you!

  12. Oh Yeah!! ...and looking at your "X" calender, you're DONE with the first line of March dates, and now into the second line. Tick tock. Time is inevitably marching on. Your time is coming sooner rather than later and we couldn't be happier for you.

    Kind regards from Miami,

    Carol and Taylor

  13. Oh wow, that jar sure is close to being EMPTY!!!

  14. Yay . . . and what a nice bottom that jar has! :) Getting closer!

    You may hibernate but wake up for dinner on the 13th ok?


  15. I like seeing those stones moving from one to the other!

  16. Hello!

    I'm finally getting back to blogging! You are one day behind me! I'm going to book mark your site so I can check up on you! We are finally getting closer!

  17. Still praying for time to go quickly... I can't wait to see her beautiful face next to yours. When that day comes, time will stand still and the wait will be just a memory... I know you always keep the Faith. Come on another batch in March!!!! Linda

  18. Oh how I loved reading you can SEE the bottom of the jar because there aren't enough beads to cover it!!! I swear woman, your countdown has been the best and I can't figure out WHO I'm more excited about- !!! But you are TOP ON MY LIST!!!

  19. Seeing the bottom of the jar is a true milestone! You are getting so close. Praying for a second set of referrals for March.


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