Sunday, March 08, 2009

Please Vote for a Friend!!

Someone has nominated my dear friend M3 (Do They Have Salsa In China?) for a Mommy Blogger Award sponsored by Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine.
I tell you, having spent much time with this amazing mommy and seen her in action with her precious Ro and Ree, reaffirms that this award couldn't go to a more deserving bloggy mom!! I cherish the glimpses into their lives that she shares with us and her willingness to be oh so human sharing fun and not-so-fun times of life with precious, energized 3yo twins.

I'm also impressed and have learned much from her about blog reading/updating. When the girls are awake, the blogging is away. It's playtime with her kiddles and blogging can happen when they're in bed.

So, please take a moment to hop on over and vote for a gal who has taught us much...and given us a ton of laughs in the process!! Do They Have Salsa In China? Yes!!


  1. OK...voted...let us know if she wins!

    Have a great day Cath,

  2. Aw thanks Catherine!! You're a sweetheart.

  3. Hey Chatherine, Just went and voted for M3. I also love her blog and she looks like a wonderful mama.

  4. I voted! M3's blog was one of the first I found when I started this journey. I hope she wins :o)

  5. I voted awhile ago. Darn it, I can only vote once? :)

    She is how I found you! So, I love her blog for many reasons.

    Cheers, Kiy


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