Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little This and That

A hodgepodge of things in this post.

Yesterday's 3 year Hannah~ versary and this months anticipated referrals had me in the mood to dream all things Hannah and make preparations. I spent a wonderful evening surfing the net and playing with her wish lists. I was super excited to see that Toys R Us in Canada is now carrying the car seat I would like to purchase for her. It will take some saving but knowing how much time she'll spend in it, safety and ease of use are of utmost importance. Many friends have chosen Britax car seats and knowing that they're so safe had me longing for once since I began her adoption but until recently they were difficult to find in Canada. Since it's illeagal for us to purchase a car seat in the US to use in Canada, I'd spent many hours researching car seats to find another brand to buy. Last night I was super excited to know that Hannah will be in the safest seat I can find. That makes this mommy very happy!!

Tim's winnings this year are going really well. 3 donuts and 4 coffees. Wheee! My friend Larry won a $100.00 Tim's gift card! Shhh...don't tell him but when I helped him fill out the paperwork last week I might have put my address on the form. OK, I didn't...but it was fun to tease him and the thought crossed my mind!

On a totally different note, please pray for my friend Sharon's dad whom I have fondly called 'Grandpa' since I was a young teen. Grandpa had surgery 3 weeks ago today and even though the doctors felt he would recover well, he has had multiple complications. The biggest problem is that they gave him morphine which he is highly allergic to this has caused the man his family loves to pieces to come and go emotionally. 3 weeks later and he is still hospitalized but at this time we are very thankful for that. Grandpa might be almost his normal self in the morning but by late afternoon and into the evening his mind plays tricks on him and what is real to him is not what the rest of the world sees. It's so difficult on all of us to watch him struggle like this and we pray daily that God would heal his mind and body. Please pray with us. Thank you! Love you so much Grandpa!


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  2. Prayers and Hugs being sent to Grandpa. That happened to my stepdad several years ago. It took along time for that to stop happening. It was kind of frightening, as he would think he was in the war in Europe. He did come around and lived for many years after.
    Donna has the Britix car seat for Lauren. They certainly seem to be sturdy, but expensive!! I guess you can't spend too much money to keep your little one safe. Linda

  3. Catherine, there is also a baby specialty store in Whitby that carries Britax brand with several of their designs...that's one of the few places that I could find them when I bought Ava's several years ago.
    You will not be dissapointed with your choice.

  4. Lovely car seat...I need to pick your brain on what I should be looking for.

    I am holding Grandpa in my prayers. I hope he recovers soon.

    Keep smilin!

  5. That is an interesting rule about the car seats. It makes sense- a lawsuit against a company would happen in your country, not another.

    I love our Britax, even though bad things happened to it yesterday.

  6. Sending some good wishes for 'Grandpa'

    I guess one way to find a positive in the wait is that you will get a carseat that cannot be topped. I love mine...errr, Claire's. I know it's a personal choice but I wouldn't have any other kind.

  7. Happy three years!!! RQ March room is reporting matching has begun. You are getting so close, my friend!

    So glad the Britax is now available at BRU and Canada. I am vacilating between the Marathon and the Decathalon. I registered for both and figure if I am lucky enough to have it bought for me, I will go with the model giver choses. If I need to make the decision, I am not sure what to pick.

    Your Tim's gambling addiction (saying with tongue in cheek) is paying off... FREE DONUTS and COFFEE!!! Got to love that!


  8. Praying for Sharon's Grandpa.....

    and you won't regret a great car seat. They are worth every penny.

  9. Thanks Cathy. Appreciate all the prayers for Dad.

    Love ya,

  10. What? No whining wins?? I would love to change that for you, however, I haven't even had many real wins myself.

    Glad you found the car seat you want.

    Praying that Sharon's dad is back to his regular self real soon.


  11. Catherine I just said a pray for Grandpa, I prayed that he would recover well very soon and that he would be back with his family and friends very soon. What a blessing he seems to be.

    I am so excited for you to be doing all thing Hannah! Franceskas carseat came from Toys R Us too and it has been in the closet in the box for 3 YEARS!!! I can't wait to take it out and put it in my car! Have a fabulous Friday!
    Love, Kristy

  12. Prayers being sent.
    That carseat looks awesome! Our carseat is one of few "baby item" that we still use. We are already done with gates, crib, changing table, diaper genie, diapers, high chair, carrier, and playpen. The long-lasting items that I would put more money into is the car seat, stroller and booster seat.

    Happy shopping!

  13. I hope Grandpa is feeling better :)

    The Britax are also available at the www.babyproofingplus.com (free shipping most times) and it comes in the very girlie Ashley floral print that is not avail at TRU (we have it and love it) . Its the best car seat we have owned, worth every cent. Our daughter is 3 and has used it since she came home at 8 months old.

    Good luck ! Such an exciting time for you :)

  14. Positive thoughts being sent Grandpa's way.

    Our daughter has a Marathon, and she loves it. We had to purchase an Omega, the day before we departed for China, due to a delay in delivery. The plan was to use it in the husband's car upon our return. It is now sitting in our garage, and we are saving for another Marathon. SS just hated the Omega, but we thought it was due to being 16 months her first time in a carseat. Life has been so much easier with the Britax. You won't regret spending the extra $$$.


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