Sunday, June 11, 2006

Women of Grace - Weekend #2

Another great weekend and lots of fun was had by all! This weekend’s speaker was Lisa Harper and she was great!

Friday night I missed the session as the bookstore keys had been misplaced before the start of my shift and the group of us spent 7 hours searching for the keys but they were nowhere to be found. We looked on shelves, under shelves, through drawers, went through every garbage in the area (Ewwwww!), cleaned the office from top to bottom (no small task I might add!) but alas, still no keys! Now, they’re not easy to lose. We’re talking a ring with 20+ keys on them and in the span of 10 mins. they were gone! Poof! Nobody had been in the store so they hadn’t been placed in a person’s bag nor lifted, they’d just vanished! Thankfully JoAnne had another set of car keys and her hubby arrived from the city in time to let her into her cottage but the mystery was still baffling. You have to know that I dreamt of keys that night! (I’ll skip to the good part now so that you know the finale.) Saturday night when the speaker’s book table was cleared off the keys were found under the tablecloth. The books and CD’s that were on the table had masked the bump because you have to know we searched there 5 times if we looked once! Oh well, all’s well that ends well and Shelly who found the keys, is JoAnne’s new buddy!

Again this Saturday I had the opportunity to teach 2 scrapbooking classes to about 35 women each time. It was lots of fun and every lady there left with a fully completed accordion album to show off to her friends and fill with pictures later. I really have enjoyed teaching these classes and look forward to 2 more this coming weekend. Many of the ladies have shared that they’re not ‘crafty’ and for some this is the first craft they’ve finished in a long time. It made me feel good for them to complete something and be so pleased with themselves!

Here are a few of the ladies showing off their handiwork. Didn’t they do a great job?

The other area I help out in during these weekends is the bookstore. I’ve been volunteering there for a few years now and quite enjoy myself. This weekend these 4 girls spent a lot of time in the bookstore! Just when they’d say, ‘I’m finished…I’m not buying one more thing!’ someone would find something new and the cards would come out again! :o) Sunday morning they came in and asked if we could have our picture taken together as we’d had such fun teasing about all their purchases over the weekend. Here they are handing me their debit and charge cards….one more time! LOL! Girls and shopping; we just go hand in hand!

Another fun part of these weekends is the Ladies Committee! These women are the best! They love what they do, have a ton of fun (can’t ya tell?!) and give so much of themselves. The planning for next year’s conferences will begin almost as soon as this year’s conferences are over, if it hasn’t started already! Over the course of 2 ½ weeks these 5 ladies plus their fearless leader Betty (who I need to get a pic of this week) welcome almost 1,000 ladies to the conference and together with a small army of support, ensure their each and every need is met and that every lady leaves having been refreshed, fed well and blessed. God is so good and he blesses these weekends over and over!

2 weekends down and only 1 to go. Sadly, Women of Grace June Conferences will be finished for another year. But, summer ministry is just around the corner! Life is never dull when it comes to the Women of Grace ministries! If you live in the southern Ontario area and have never had an opportunity to attend a WoG event, please consider doing so. We travel across the province and will probably be in an area close to you. Check out the link above for more details.

I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunities God allows me to have and all the fun along with it. It's helping to pass the time during the looong wait for Hannah.


  1. What a wonderful weekend! I wish I lived closer.

  2. Looks like you had a FAB weekend. PLEEZE could you let me know how to make the album.


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