Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Greetings from Alberta!

Hi Everyone!

Sharon and I had a great flight to Alberta yesterday and arrived safely at our hotel in Olds, AB around 7pm. After a busy weekend and quick turn around to pack for our trip plus the 2 hour time difference, we were both bushed! There's a Boston Pizza attached to our hotel so we grabbed a bite to eat there, drove around to find out where she was examining and then we called it a day.

On the flight they showed a great Disney movie called, 'Eight Below.' It's a wonderful family movie that I can't wait to watch with my niece. (If you're watching it with young children, be prepared for a scary moment when they show the killer whale and a few other tense moments for younger children.) The movie is about a young guide in Antarctica who is forced to leave his best friends behind, his 8 sled dogs, when he has to leave. If you're looking for a good family movie (but not for young children) then this is a great choice!

Today we were up bright and early because our internal clocks were a couple of hours ahead. A quick trip to the gym, breakfast in our room and then I took Sharon to work. Spent the morning checking email, picking up some groceries and trying to figure out how to work Dad's GPS system. Think I almost have it figured out.

After picking up lunch I brought it back to the room and enjoyed it there.I was having my devotional time when I peaked out the window to see a horse right across the parking lot! What fun to look out and see him! I went down and took a few pictures. He came closer but once he realized I didn't have any food off he galloped. Wow! Such beauty!

I think I may check out a local scrapbooking store tomorrow and see what they have. Olds is a very small town but it's still fun to see what it has to offer. Sharon and I have such a great time together and I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel with her again. Who knows, with the delays in referrals we may fit in another session of examining next June? Wonder where they'll send her next year? So far we've gone to BC twice, Alberta twice and Saskatchewan once. Maybe a trip to the east coast is in order for next year? That would be wonderful! We'll know more as time moves forward and we get a better indication of how long referrals are taking.

For now, we're going to enjoy this time in Alberta.

PS: Dawn, Can you see me waving??? So close and yet so far!


  1. have fun at the scrapbooking store:) the pony photo is gorgeous

  2. Can you see me waving from Sherwood Park??? (About 4hours away but still) I was wondering if you were staying in Calgary as there is a huge Oil Show going on this week and hotels are very hard to come by. Have a great time in Ol' sunny Alberta....a great place to live by the way!


  3. Happy that you made it safe and sound. Have a wonderful trip!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Hi,
    I am a friend of Dawn (from BC)'s friend Char (who is holding a colicky baby and looking at all kinds of blogs today.) My parents live in Didsbury 10 minutes down the road from Olds and there is a really great stamp and scrapbooking store there called Rose's and right next to it is a great store that people come all the way from Calgary to go to and now the name escapes me. However, it's right next to Roses. Also in Olds touchstone galleries is fabulous! If you feel like dropping a lot of money for Chinese food the restaurant across from the college is really good, but quite expensive. Happy time in Alberta!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the info Cherylyn! We're leaving for Three Hills tomorrow but I'll have time in the morning so will try and go to Didsbury. Thanks for the info about the scrapbooking store! Always on the lookout for a good store! Not that I need any more stuff! :o)

    I'll post on my blog tomorrow about how it goes.


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