Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June Referrals Have Arrived!

I'm excited to share with you that the June Referrals have arrived! 13 days of files were matched which is a good thing. Slowly the amount of referrals are increasing! (March: 5 days, April: 7 days, May 9: days then June: 13 days!) It means my referral of baby Hannah is still a long way off but she's coming!

This month's referrals are for families whose files were logged in China between June 16th and 28th, 2005. My log in date is March 23, 2006.

My online friend Mary-Mia of California is awesome at tracking the referrals. If you'd like to read some exciting news from new parents and see some beautiful babies, click here! At time of writing Mary-Mia has links to 24 referrals! And....the babies are so young! Average age is currently 7 months which means these beautiful children will be meeting their parents before the age of 10 months! Woohoo! The transition is often easier on the baby, the younger she/he is. The fact that the babies are younger, also supports China's information that they don't have enough babies 'paper ready' to meet the number of requests being submitted each month. As you know, I'm part of a yahoo group made up of families who submitted their files to China in March of 2006. Our group numbers close to 300 families which is just a portion of the number of files submitted to China in the month of March! So very thankful that these precious babies are being provided the opportunity to grow up with a family of their very own!

If you haven't already done so, go back up and click on the link. Be prepared to oooo and ahhhh at all the beautiful little faces you're going to see! Another exciting thing about the link above is that my friend Mary-Mia and her husband Rod may be receiving their referral in July!!! Their LID is only 16 days later than the current group! Should that happen, I'll be whooping, hollering and praising God for the precious baby/babies she and Scott are referred. (They have requested either a girl, a boy or twins so it adds an extra amount of excitement to the wait!) I'll be sure to post as soon as I hear anything! (Their website is a ton of fun to read! If you're looking for a laugh, check out her recent posts about Diet Coke and Mentos!)

Just think....maybe by this time next year I'll be shouting my referral from the rooftops?!!!!! Can you imagine??? :o) :o) :o)

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  1. I had already seen Mary-Mia's site this morning and all the beautiful babies...what lucky parents! I can't wait to see Hannah's adorable face on your blog some day soon!


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