Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On the Lookout for Noah!

Howdy...from rainy, rainy Calgary, Alberta! We're having the very best time in spite of the weather. Today is day 9 of our trip and we've had a thunderstorm every single day! It's more often sunny but we just keep laughing about the amount of rain that has fallen. This afternoon we even had hail! In the past, our June trips have often greeted us with beautiful weather so this year we just laugh and enjoy the change. Besides, the rain never lasts long and the sun is always close behind it.

We arrived in Calgary Saturday evening and went from one extreme to the other when it comes to accommodations. We were in our 1 room 'cell' in 3 Hills (with the kitchen in the bathroom) to a beautiful suite in the International Hotel where were on the 26th floor, overlooking the Bow River. I haven't taken any pics of the suite yet or the view but will do so before we leave.

Sunday was the very, VERY best day!!! We started out by calling our Dad's to wish them a Happy Father's Day. In the morning we went to Southview Alliance where we met Heather and Bill McAlpine who are friends of Sharon and Larry from years ago in Oshawa. We had a fabulous lunch with them and their great kids. What a hoot! There were 11 at the lunch table and we didn't stop laughing the entire time! Such fun!

After our visit with Heather and Bill we headed to the Rocky Mountains to visit Banff and Lake Louise! Ahhh....absolue perfection!!!!!!!

But, being it was this trip, it would be complete without raining on our way there! Honestly, we laugh daily about the rain! Notice the blue sky ahead...that was ALL around us, except for the big cloud above us!

Unfortunately, I'll have to leave you with just this teaser as I'm having trouble loading more pics and also need to pick up Sharon from work. (Was late yesterday. Who knew Calgary had a rushour?) I hope to be able to post more tomorrow if I can get some computer time.

Can't wait to tell you about Banff and Lake Louise and share some of the many beautiful pics we took!

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  1. Hello from Rainy Saskatchewan. We have had the same weather as you in AB.
    I LOVE Banff and surrounding area's it is one of my favourite places.
    Cant wait to see your photos.


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