Saturday, June 17, 2006

Three Hills - Part 2

We arrived in Three Hills on Thursday afternoon. I was a little leary about the accommodations as they had us staying at the, 'Rest Easy Motel.' Uh oh....what would that mean? It ended up being just fine! We had a small room that had been totally redone recently and was very, very clean. That's the most important thing. The room was painted a light brown (not my favourite colour) and had 2 cement walls but they'd done a great job of using the small space wisely. There was a long cabinet that had drawers, a desk and the TV on it. Also another pine table with 2 chairs which we used Thursday night to make some cards. Sharon asked when checking in about a place for b'fast. She was told the Chinese food restaurant was open for b'fast. I know someday I'll be eating Chinese food for b'fast but we weren't quite ready to make that leap yet so picked up a few groceries at the local IGA and decided we'd do b'fast in the room. The good thing is that the room had a bar fridge in it. The bad thing was it was in the bathroom! Another good thing was that there was a microwave...the bad thing was that it was also in the bathroom! :o) Being a little more descriptive, there was a closet in the bathroom which housed the fridge and microwave. It was nice to have those added items, even if it meant there was little room to hand clothes beside the fridge and microwave! LOL! When I finished my bath Thursday night I laughingly appologized to Sharon that she couldn't have her snack while I was in the tub since I had the food trapped in the bathroom/kitchen! It does make for great blogging though!

Back to Thursday afternoon. After picking up the groceries we asked about a place to eat and were guided to a family style restaurant across the street. The food was wonderful and we each enjoyed a small steak dinner since it was lunch and supper combined. Mmmmm...Alberta beef!

While we were in the restaurant the heavens opened and man did it rain!!! We're talking flooding rain...or a gully 'warsher' as my Texas friends used to call them! The teens working the restaurant were out in it running, jumping and even doing cartwheels! We enjoyed the entertainment as we had another cup of coffee. We weren't going anywhere until it slowed a little! When we eventually got to the car I drove down the street through a 'puddle' that caused the water to spray higher than our car on both sides! We were laughing so hard and having a great time! I stopped at a corner of another flooded area, waiting to take pics of a car going through the water. That was a good idea until I almost got soaked by their spray as they drove by and I had my window down! Oops....gotta think that one through better the next time.

Friday we visited a local Christian bookstore in the morning and then I took Sharon to work. I ended up watching a great movie in the room, 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.' A fun, light movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. Found a 'Subway' for lunch and then scrapbooked a little in the room.

When I arrived at the Arts Academy to pick Sharon up she excitedly told me that we'd be going out for supper with a friend of hers who had been in her wedding party! Just that day she'd found out the Joanne was living in Three Hills! What a wonderful surprise that was! We had a great visit and Sharon and Joanne played the game I've entitled, 'Name That Pew!' It's fun to listen to them reminisce about old friends and people they'd gone to church with. As Sharon and I have travelled together over the past 7 years I've gotten to know many of her friends and always enjoy putting a face to a name I've heard about for years!

This morning we checked out of the hotel at 8:30 and I took Sharon to work. It was the town garage sale so Main Street was closed down for a pancake b'fast and everyone who wanted to sell their stuff gathered on Main St. What a fun idea! Small towns have such neat character. (We've also both commented on how 'clean' the language has been out here. What a wonderful treat not to hear foul language or more importantly, the Lord's name taken in vain, all the time. Ahhhh...even my ears have had a vacation!)

After the garage sale I headed about 45mins. away to Drumheller, the Dinosaur capital of the world! It's a wonderful little place that just sinks out of the Alberta prairies. You're driving along the prairies surrounded by fields when all of a sudden the road dips a few hundred feet and it's like you're in a different world! The scenery is unlike anything we have in Ontario and I was so glad to be able to see it. I remember it faintly from being there almost 20 years ago but it was fun to go again.

Tonight we'll move on to Calgary where we'll be for the remainder of our trip. We're going to be staying at the International Hotel Suites Calgary which looks beautiful! From a small room to a suite that may even have a balcony! Yeah! I'll post more from there and let you know what it's like.

Tomorrow we're meeting more friends of Sharon's at church, going to their place for lunch and then hopefully heading to Banff for supper! CAN'T WAIT to see the mountains! The Rocky's are absolutely beautiful!!! I LOVE the mountains!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Have fun in Banff! That's where we honeymooned (Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise) and we absolutely loved the place. It is so gorgeous there. Have you driven out on the highways and seen all any amazing animals yet?

  2. It is really beautiful there!! We still are in the mountains here in BC but not like Jasper and Banff!!

    Glad you are having a great trip!

  3. Good to hear that things are well and you are having a fun and relaxing time!

    Keep smilin

  4. you must be having too much fun to update us!!!!

    Hope so!!!


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