Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blogger Troubles

Unfortunately, Blogger is tempermental right now. I understand that they're working on the problem but while they are, posting is pretty hit and miss. More miss than hit me!

I have much to say (are you shocked??) but am unable to get pictures to post so have decided to hold off on some of the entries until the system is a little more stable and acdepting picture uploads. Hopefully soon!

I've had a few people email to ask if all is ok (thanks everyone for caring so much!) since I hadn't posted in a while. Please be assured all is good and I'll post more when I can. I have some fun posts on the go so hope the problems are fixed soon.

Until then, if I think of things to post that don't need pics I'll try to post those.

Take care friends! Hope all is well with you too!


  1. Isn't Blogger just driving you NUTS today?!!!! I had to try about 18 times to get my new post up and then comments were broken the whole day anyhow. Dang!! Oh well, I guess I can't complain too much considering that they don't charge me anything. >;-/

  2. I was totally looking for a "Blogger Sucks" today graphic!! lol

    Can't wait for more blog posts!

    Oh and THANK YOU SOOOOO much once again for my very beautiful flowers!!!

    You are totally "The BEST"!!!


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