Friday, June 23, 2006

3 Month LID Anniversary!

Woohoo! Today I celebrate the 3 month anniversary of my file being Logged in China! Yeah! 3 down and maybe 11-15 to go. Regardless, it's 3 down and that's reason to celebrate!

It's hard to believe that recently 3 months would have been the half-way point between LID and Referral! **gulp** With the delay in referrals I haven't begun to do anything at home to prepare for Hannah's arrival yet. Her room is still full of my scrapbooking supplies and her furniture is safely stored in the basement. What an exciting time it will be when those 2 things switch places! Right now it would be just way too hard to see a crib every day and know that my precious baby girl was still a long time off from being in my arms.

Congrats to all my other March 23rd LID friends!


  1. Yeah! You're moving along my friend!

  2. hIP hIP HORRAY! Congrats.
    Time flies when your having fun! Keep having fun!


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