Monday, July 28, 2014

Spending Time with Nana and Papa

At the same place that mom and dad rent their cottage, Nana and Papa own a trailer so Hannah and I packed up and headed north to visit for a couple of days. 

We were there for only minutes when their living room looked like this.  Guess she’d made herself at home!IMG_1544

The following morning Hannah surprised Nana with her curly doo!

The second day Hannah was excited to go back to the clubs that she had been part of 2 weeks earlier.  The children’s ministry at the camp is excellent as is displayed by the fact that she can’t wait to go morning and night each day that we’re there! 

After lunch on the deck with our table set by our sweet helper, IMG_4215IMG_4216we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage to finally go out on the boat.  The weather hadn’t cooperated when we were there 2 weeks earlier so we were excited to finally go out on the boat, especially when there is an ice cream shop at the opposite end of the lake!IMG_1556

Catching a ride from Bec Bec and Kenzie on the way for ice cream.IMG_1554

Rabbit ears courtesy of Papa!IMG_4207

‘Here Papa, I can help you.’


Morning chat with Little Horsey.IMG_1562

She found herself a new seat.IMG_4221

We stopped down at the cottage to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa before we started home and an impromptu photo shoot broke out!IMG_4233

Grandma and GrandpaIMG_4238


The mandatory game of ‘pretend to toss Hannah into the fountain’IMG_4244

A final playtime in the sand pile at the cottage before heading back up to the trailer.  (No…Hannah’s sandcastle building skills did not grow exponentially in 2 weeks)  IMG_4228

Playing follow-the-leader with Papa.IMG_4245

Learning to blow bubbles is serious business!IMG_4247

Just hanging around.IMG_4255

Playtime with Papa.  She loves this stuff!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful visit Nana and Papa!  We love you!!IMG_4252


  1. The last picture is darling. Could use for a Xmas card. Looks like a great time had by all.

  2. Oh I agree! That last pic of Nana & Papa is great! You should have a big print made of it!


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