Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cottage Time 2014 ~ Family is Precious

Friday morning at the cottage the children’s ministry teams shared what they’d been learning in their groups with parents and families in chapel.  Hannah and Makenna dressed in their princess finery and were both excited to be on stage. IMG_4045 

For dinner that night we treated ourselves to turkey dinner in the dining hall.  Mmm!  What a sweet family time together and once again we were joined by royalty.IMG_4057

As the girls waited for dinner they played one of Hannah’s favourite restaurant games.IMG_4058

Mom and DadIMG_4060

Dave, Trish and KallenIMG_4066 (2)

Mommy and HannahIMG_4065

After supper we took time for an impromptu photo shoot.  Grandma and some of her girlsIMG_4071

Dave, Trish, Makenna and KallenIMG_4073

I love my SIL!IMG_4077

The 4 girls ended the evening by going to the drive-in in the golf cart to see Frozen.  Just us and 10,000 mosquitos!!!IMG_4092

Saturday was our last full day together.  IMG_4039

The girls were inseparable all week long as I’m sure these posts have shown!IMG_4046 - Copy

The weather finally cooperated on Saturday to head back to the beach so that’s exactly what we did!IMG_4102

There is a modesty policy at the camp but I don’t think anyone told Kallen!  LOL!!  What do you do when 0-3 month shorts are falling off your sweet 21 month old nephew?  They don’t make clothes any smaller than these.  He sure is adorable running around the beach and causes many to smile as he zooms by!IMG_4098

Saturday evening BBQ with Grandma and GrandpaIMG_4107



We celebrated our final cottage evening together with Campfire Cones before the girls settled in on the couch and the adults sat down to one final game of Life.

IMG_4122 (2)

Hannah and I had an amazing week at the cottage with our family!  Although we were sorry to miss our regular trip to CA, it was a special treat to spend this week with our family at the cottage!


Mom and Dad are at the cottage for 2 more weeks and Dave and his family at the trailer for 1 more.  Hannah and I will head back shortly to visit Nana and Papa at their trailer for a few days.  We love our family!!

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  1. This looks like such a fun place! I love the jumping pic off the deck!


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