Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cottage 2014 ~ Family Scavenger Hunt

There are a lot of family activities offered at the camp and when the sun didn’t cooperate for a beach day we decided to try out the GPS version of a scavenger hunt.  We were given a clue sheet plus a GPS unit, boarded the golf cart Dave and Trish were renting and set off on our hunt.  It was a lot of fun and something Hannah and I might introduce Nana and Papa to in a couple of weeks.IMG_4022

The first clue was quite close to where we started so we found our coordinates and then started looking for our clue.  IMG_4008

We took a couple of wrong turns looking for our 2nd clue but eventually figured it out and found it.  You know it’s a cool afternoon when I’m wrapped up in a blanket, right M3?  It was hot the day we left and I hadn’t anticipated it getting as cool/cold as it did later in the week so didn’t have any long pants or long sleeved clothing with me.  Thankfully at this same time Mom was in town doing some shopping and picked up a hoodie for me at Walmart.  Thanks Mom!IMG_4010

Clue #3 was in a beautiful location on the other side of the park.  (So thankful for the golf cart as it allowed us to move around easily.)IMG_4011

Isn’t this gorgeous??IMG_4013

Our final clue was located near the canoe racks.  IMG_4014

At this point Trish and I looked up and wrote down each of the Bible verses that were identified on the clues.  We didn’t end up winning the prize but we sure did have fun!!  Check out these 3 adorable faces!IMG_4016

So glad the rain stopped long enough for us to share this family time together!



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Any time you get to ride around in a golf cart is a good day! Your blanket looks like a stylish shawl :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and those GPS scavenger hunts are becoming very popular! Have a blast but please be careful with the golf cart especially with the kids, I think people would be shocked at how many head injuries happen from riding a golf cart and falling off (very easy to fall off with a tiny little bump in road), be safe!!!!

    1. Thank you for you words of caution. We are very careful in the golf cart and an adult always sits with the children and ensures all ride safely. Where we visit is built up the side of large hills. The elevation difference between Mom and Dad's cottage and David's trailer is 400' so the golf cart is a great help, especially when we have all our beach gear with us! So thankful for the option to rent the golf cart and help with the long climbs up, up, up!

  3. Cool that they added the GPS system this year! We did it last year without the GPS and was definitely challenging! Looking forward to trying it with the GPS this year!
    - Disney Daniel

    1. It's fun and fast DD! Hannah and I are going to do it next week hopefully. Are you up there towards the end of the week? It's much better with the golf cart as the clues can be spread across the park. Wanna try it together?


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