Monday, July 21, 2014

An Island of Excitement!

Hannah and I are just finishing an amazing 10 day staycation together.  We spent the majority of it close to home and it was wonderful!!  Alarm clocks were turned off day 1 and for the majority of the 10 days we didn’t set times that we needed to be or do anything.  We went with the flow, relaxed, played games, read, watched TV, shopped, cleaned and more.  It was a treat as I tend to pack our normal vacations full from start to finish.  I want to do this again sometime!!

One of the first things we did plan though was a visit to Centreville with our friends Auntie K, Uncle J, K & G.  We met at the train Monday morning ready for a day of fun!  We visited Centreville together last year and had a blast and were hoping for a repeat experience this year!IMG_1433

The first ride of the day (season!) is always an exciting one!c1

Spinning tea cups.  I can do spinny rides within reason.  These sweet kiddos put us adults to shame with their spinning madness!c3

Even though this giraffe didn’t go up and down it was Hannah’s animal of choice on the carousel that attempted to break the sound barrier it spun so quickly!c7

The Ferris Wheel has always been a favourite of Hannah’s since she was just a toddler but this time it tickled her tummy a bit more than she was happy with.   It was a 1 Ferris Wheel ride for us this year.c9

The other times we happily waited for our friends to enjoy more rides round and round.  Auntie K snapped this pic from the Ferris Wheel of Hannah and Mommy sharing some snuggles.  A great trade off instead of a ride for sure!!c20

As in the past the kids were excited to ride the fire engines and cars and oh did they take their driving responsibilities seriously!  We can only hope they’re like this when they grow up. Smilec11c18

Hands down our favourite ride of the day was the log flume!  We lost track of the number of times we rode this rides but it would have involved counting on fingers and toes for sure!  Uncle J showing his respect to the photographer!IMG_1469

While Mommy lumbered into and out of the log each ride, Hannah mastered her own entrance that was entertaining to watch.

One of the last rides of the day for the kids to enjoy was the pony rides and they were a huge hit for all 3 kiddos!c16

Time for a train ride.c19

At one point we took a walk around the island and out on a pier.  Hannah and Mommy 2014c21 - Copy

and back in 2010 taken during our very first visit to Centre Island!!Imported Photos 00091

Sadly our great day had to come to an end.  I am so glad that this has become an annual tradition for our families!  Here is our beautiful skyline with our ferry in the distance.IMG_1481

Clever Auntie K created a movie of our wonderful day!  She’s so talented!!

Thank you for another amazing day Auntie K, Uncle J, K & G!  We’ll make sure it happens again in 2015!!


  1. I recognize them, its the 2 Kayaks - wow it has been years! And they have children now, how wonderful for them! Looks like a great day, I have pictures of myself on those rides at age 3 or 4. Amazing how motherhood lets you relive your childhood! :) I too have time away from work and at home this summer, really makes me want to be at home full time!! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Love seeing you all together. :) It looks like you all had a perfect day!!!

  3. I love our now "annual" tradition of heading to Centreville for a day of fun. Love the special time our children share and the fun they have. :)

  4. The movie is so fun! You really know how to enjoy life. I love your style!

  5. How fun! I love the movie! Hannah's log flume entrance is the best, along with her high 5's to the other car drivers! So cute!


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