Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Epcot with the Grandparents

Thursday, November 14th

The weather our 2nd day at Disney was SO much better!  The temps were in the low 70’s (as opposed to the low 50’s the day before) and the sun was brightly shining!  We packed the car since we’d be heading home at the end of the day and after eating at our resort we boarded the bus for Epcot. IMG_1477

Epcot is a much different park from the Magic Kingdom yet we enjoy it for so many reasons!  Hannah’s choice for our first ride was Figment which is a cute, light-hearted ride.  Once we rode that our FP+ reservations meant we could ride Soarin’ which is one of our all-time favourite rides!  I love to watch and listen to Hannah as she giggles, talks and squeals with glee during this ride!  As it ends the riders applaud every-single-time!  Love that!!

We took some time to ride The Nemo Ride IMG_1479

then headed over to another favourite:  Test Track!  Love Hannah’s face in this pic!  Yes, she’s my adventurous little sweetie!!IMG_1481

We enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips at the UK pavilion then wandered around the world enjoying the sites of the beautiful pavilions.  After lunch we wandered to the next pavilion and enjoyed ice cream in France.IMG_1484

Hannah enjoyed teasing Mommy and wearing my jacket. IMG_1487

After stopping to do our final souvenir shopping we grabbed some popcorn for ‘supper.’  These pictures have a funny story behind them.  Here Hannah and Papa share some popcorn.  IMG_1490

If you look closely in the background you’ll see that they rounded up the troops to clean up us after we left.IMG_1492

Another successful Disney trip was behind us and we enjoyed it as much as we always do.  I cannot express how precious these memories are that we are creating.  Hannah may not remember the details someday other than through pictures but the blessing is that we have those memories that we were blessed to create together!

Thanks for another wonderful Florida trip together Grandma, Grandpa, Nana and Papa!  We love sharing this week with all of you!   WE LOVE YOU!!!



  1. I love your trips! Im sad when they're over! It's so great that you all have those memories. Laughing about the popcorn!

  2. Awww, makes me sad we missed it! We love Epcot too! Marin can't get enough of Test Track & the Nemo Ride. Oh, we can't forget the Donald Duck ride in Mexico. He must have rode that one a dozen times in 1 day! Your matching shirts are awesome! I'm glad it was warm enough not to have to cover them up! Ha! The popcorn clean up crew pic is the best! Don't you love how clean Disney is?! Even their bathrooms are always clean!

  3. Hannah will have a lot to talk about when she goes back to school. Your parents live in Florida for the season or Sharon?

    1. I was helping out in Hannah's classroom the day after we returned. It was fun to hear what she shared about our trip. It's my parents who are there for a month as the rest of us go visit them.

  4. Hi Catherine!!! Hope you are enjoying your time in FL:) Next time, take me with you!!! :) I have nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD! Please go to my blog, read the rules, and play along!!!


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