Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Week of Florida Fun with the Grandparents!

Hannah and I have travelled to The Villages for our annual visit with the grandparents for 4 years now and each year it’s a wonderful vacation!  The 6 of us spend quality time together visiting local sites, scooting around in the golf cart, visiting Disney and shopping ‘til we drop! 

I am thankful that not only does Hannah enjoy shopping, she enjoys window shopping.  We can easily spend hours in stores and she doesn’t ask for anything most times although there are exceptions to that for sure!  Early on Nana taught her the skill of ‘holding something and then putting it back’ and it’s still something we do.  I learned this from her years ago and use the time walking around the store to decide if I really want to buy something.   Hannah gets lost in books that she carefully reads as we make our way through the store and then we put them back on the shelf.  It’s a great skill to have and so helpful when I’m not always having to say ‘no’ to her.IMG_1271

These were pretty common sight last week.  Smile  IMG_1382IMG_1387

As Canadians we cannot beat the deals we get on purchases made shopping in the US and both Sharon and I made dents in our Christmas shopping lists. 

The week that we visit we rent a second golf cart so the 6 of us hop on the carts and off we go!  This is such fun especially since we leave cool fall temps at home.IMG_1270

This video gives you a glimpse into how we make our way around the villages – and why we don’t want to go home at the end!  You’ll notice we’re one of the many golf cart paths that run beside major roads, the main road to our left and a golf course to my right.  And, if you look carefully at the spot where I show the mirror you’ll see that a regular part of Hannah’s golf cart riding is that it puts her to sleep!  I have lost track of the number of times she’s napped in the cart!IMG_1510

A break from shopping at one of our favourite restaurants.  Mmmm!  Still miss Olive Garden now that they are no longer in Canada.  IMG_1501

The result of all this shopping?  THIS!!  Thanks for your help Hannah!IMG_1551

Hannah is wearing an adorable little outfit that our friends Lisa and Briana just shared with her.  So cute!  Thanks Lisa!!IMG_1541


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! You certainly did some shopping! LOL! So glad Bri and I were able to share our outfit with Miss H. She looks so adorable!

  2. I love the outfit! She looks so adorable in it! And a week in a golf cart?! Well, who wouldn't love that! Marin has asked for a golf cart for Christmas. Sorry buddy, Santa is fresh out! Ha!

  3. Olive Gardens are in western Canada. Alberta has many! So find a bloggie friend to visit there! and Golly shes a cutie


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