Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy 4th Forever Family Day My Sweet XiaoFen!!!

Saturday Hannah and I celebrated our 4th Family Day so Friday night we went out to our favourite Chinese food buffet as we have each year to celebrate this very special day!  She was extra excited when our server shared that cotton candy was now one of the desserts offered!  You should have seen the grin when I asked her if she wanted to start with dessert first and we headed to the cotton candy!  IMG_1191

It was a wonderful time shared together!  We chatted, talked about her day, about school, friends and of course the very special memories of that amazing day 4 years ago when God brought our family together!

We stopped on our way out to take a few pictures.  Hannah wanted to stand beside the panda pictures and it was a great choice considering her outfit.IMG_1196


And….one of my favourite things ~ a walk down memory lane!

2009 – Forever Family Day2009a


2010 ~ 1 year together2010 - 1 yr together

2011 ~ 2 years together2011a - 2 years together

2011b - 2 years together

2012 ~ 3 years together2012a - 3 years together

2013 ~ 4 years together2013 - 4 years together

Happy Family Day Hannah XiaoFen!!  Mommy loves you!!!  xoxo


  1. What a great family! That restaurant looks cool!

  2. Happy family day! Love seeing the two of you celebrating each year. WOW the changes in little Miss Hannah.

  3. A match made in heaven! Happy Hannah Day Anniversary!!!

  4. Four years!!! Beautiful pics down memory lane. Happy Family Day!

  5. Happy Family Day #4 !!!!!! Enjoy every minute, cause she is growing up fast, God Bless your family always.

  6. Happy 4th Family Day, Hannah and Catherine. We just got our cottage closed up this past weekend, so we're looking forward to reconnecting with friends we haven't seen in a while. Would love to set up a play date for some time after we get our house tidied up from all the stuff brought home from the cottage. Love the walk down memory lane..very precious moments.

  7. Happy Forever Family Day, Catherine and Hannah! God Bless you both.



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