Monday, November 25, 2013

Meeting a New Bloggy Buddy

When Hannah and I were at Disney one of the gals who visits here and comments often realized we were both there together.  Cool!!  She dropped me a note asking if we’d be interested in getting together if it worked out.  As it was everything lined up perfectly so we arranged to meet an hour later!

In the meantime Hannah and I headed to Fairytale Hall to visit with Rapunzel and Snow White since we’d run out of time to do this earlier in the week.IMG_1442


Originally we had planned to meet up at ‘it’s a small world’ but due to the strong winds the ride was closing early so that they could close the area for safety reasons before the fireworks started.  Hannah and I hopped on the very last ‘cruise’ of the evening and enjoyed a wonderful ride for 2!  We sang, chatted and danced our way through this sweet little ride.IMG_1450

(This next picture was taken about 30 mins after the fireworks.  Guess they knew what they were talking about when they were concerned about small fires being started.  Cast Members said it’s not unheard of on windy nights but thankfully this smoke and the smell left as quickly as it arrived so they must have gotten the small fire under control quickly.)IMG_1457

When we exited ‘it’s a small world’ we walked to the carousel and met up with MaLeah, her husband and son Marin.  IMG_1453What fun!  It quickly felt like we were old friends and we chatted for a while and the kids ran around and got to know one another!  The instant friendship kids can strike up is so refreshing!IMG_1451

We quickly realized that the kids enjoyed similar rides so we rode Goofy’s Roller Coaster a few times followed by Dumbo around, and around and…around!  IMG_1455

We stayed until park closing and used the final bit of time to visit the characters since there were no lines.  What a treat to walk up to all of our favourites without having to wait!IMG_1461




After too brief a visit it was time to go our separate ways as MaLeah and her family were driving home the following day.  It was great to meet you!  Who knows – maybe we’ll end up at Disney again some day MaLeah!IMG_1475

Both kids woke up the next morning disappointed that they weren’t going to see one another.  Sweet!  Hopefully another time!


  1. You met MaLeah?! How cool. (Hi MaLeah!) Looks like a fun day.

  2. Hi Catherine! We sure had fun, didn't we? And, yes! Hopefully we can do it again someday! What a great night! Will you please e-mail me the pics you took? Yours are much better than my iPhone shots! Ha! And, howdy to you too M3!! I have you to thank for introducing Catherine & I! I found her blog off of yours many years ago! I wish we were all headed to Disney now!


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