Wednesday, November 06, 2013

4th Annual China Travel Group Reunion

Last Sunday was a day that I look forward to each year – our travel group reunion.   Hannah didn’t remember much of our previous trips until we arrived but soon after walked in the door she was off and running with her China sisters!

Anna and Peter open their home to us each year and I am so thankful for that!  I don’t have a home that allows me to entertain more than a few people at a time so I am thankful for those who offer the gift of their home to others.  Thank you Anna and Peter!!

This year we had a great turnout and 7/10 families that we travelled with in November of 2009 were able to attend and what fun we had!  As I watch this video below of the girls and Adam climbing over Peter’s shoulder, I can’t help but listen to all that is happening in the background….and grin from ear to ear!  For far too long our dinners were quiet affairs of mainly adults as we longed for the day when our daughters would be home with us.  Now they’re here and the ‘music’ they make with their laughter and shouts is beautiful!!


Jiana is also learning to play the piano so it was sweet to see she and Hannah playing together and helping one another.IMG_1223

It’s always fun to catch up with these special friends whom we share such a precious bond with.  I find myself wandering through rooms, chatting with a variety of people as we share the celebrations, challenges and questions of raising our amazing daughters.

I was really excited to catch up with Russ and Leslie and their 2 great girls.  If you want to read a really neat ‘God moment’ check this out from back in 2006!!  Our families had not seen one another in 3 years so it was great to get caught up a little.   They’re also planning their very first Disney trip so I’m going to help them out with that too.  Right up my alley!Russ and Les 2013

That’s one thing about the families that we travelled with, when we get together the bond is there and conversation flows freely. 

The girls had a great time together and they ran up and down the stairs playing with one another and getting reacquainted.  Mom and Dad were sorry to miss this year’s reunion as they’re already in FL but they called during the party to say ‘hi’ which was a nice treat!

We were able to take a few pictures and I can just say that this year it was SO much easier to capture the group together!  Yup, they’re growing up!

L to R:  Jianna, Hannah, Beckett, Kristy, Tessa, Serena and MeiganIMG_1212

with siblings, cousins, friends, etc.IMG_1218

2012 (L to R) Serena, Tessa, Jianna, Meigan, Hannah, Emman and Kristy2012

2011 (L to R) Kristy, Meigan, Jianna, Emma, E, Hannah2011

2010 (Back L to R) Meigan, Tessa, Serena and Jiana (Front) Hannah and Emma2010

What a blessing these families are to Hannah and I!  I am so thankful that God brought all of us together and that we shared such a special moment together!  The moment our girls were placed into our arms in 2009!


  1. You should have made a video of Hannah and her friend playing the piano! Can Hannah play any songs yet?

  2. It is so awesome your group gets together like that. Our travel group is literally spread out across the country! Maybe one day we'll be able to organize a reunion of sorts. That would be so incredible! Love the annual pics!

  3. What an amazing and beautiful group of girls! Such a blessing!

  4. I was wondering if you had any idea what is going with current adoptions? I have not seen a new post on RQ in a long time.


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