Sunday, March 17, 2013

Science Fun–Part I

The weekend before Hannah turned 4 I received a call from my SIL while we were at gymnastics.  They were headed into the city to go to the Ontario Science Centre and invited us to join them.  I quickly said yes and plans to meet in an hour were set in motion.  It was one of the last things where she would still get in for free.  *sigh*  Oh well, it was a fun way to say good-bye to the ‘baby’ freebies offered!
When Hannah found out she was going to spend the day with her cousin Kenna she was jumping with joy! 
I haven’t been to this museum since I was a kid but Hannah has been a couple of times with Ange.  (The most amazing daycare provider in the world!!)  There is an area that is similar to the children’s museums that we’ve been to when visiting friends in the states so Hannah and Makenna were in their glory. 
First stop – grocery store!IMG_0137
Shortly after we arrived there was a craft class offered and the girls were all over that!  We made pinwheel hats that ended up being really neat.
Makenna and Daddy (my brother Dave) working togetherIMG_0151
Adding the first set of beads.IMG_0157
Showing off her finished product.IMG_0160
She wanted to see if she could make it go around and I think she thought the additional height of the stool would be helpful.IMG_0164
The girls taking their new hats for a spin – literally!

Kallen was their ever patient cheerleader and kept an eye on the girls! IMG_0149
Water play is always a hit with the kiddos!IMG_0174
Hannah had me in splits at the fishing pond!  Other kids were gently dropping their lines into the water to catch fish but my girlie was attempting to cast over her shoulder.  LOL!  Mr. Cory would be proud!
Our future astronauts!IMG_0199
At the craft station.  Less is never more for my girlie.IMG_0205
As we were waiting for my brother to get the van I caught this sweet picture of Hannah playing pee-a-boo with her baby cousin.IMG_0208
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day with us Uncle Dave and Auntie Trish!  IMG_0211
We had a great day with you!IMG_0212
This final pic just made me laugh.  As I was trying to figure out the logistics of moving Hannah to a place where she would stay asleep while we moved her car seat from the van back into our car, David came up with this solution.  Heh!  He was able to move her in her seat (by pulling her out the back door of the van after reclining the seat!) and securely install her car seat (faster then I ever can!!), all the while Hannah slept.  The next time she woke up was the following morning in our bed!  Dave – you rock!IMG_0213


  1. WOW, that was some fancy maneuvering by your brother. LOL.
    What a great museum. We went to Miami Childrens today and had such fun.Come down and we would love to take you.

  2. What a great day of learning AND fun!


  3. I just took Bri to the science museum too! What a cool museum you have by you. Looks like an awesome day!


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