Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Day Filled with Family and Fun!

Sundays are normally days when we have a nice combination of activities and quiet time together at home.  This past Sunday was all that with a couple of birthday celebrations thrown in for good measure!
We started our day at church which is a special part of our week.  I smiled when Hannah hopped up on this pew and began to ‘read’ to herself from the hymnal.  I love her interest in ‘reading’ and hearing the stories that she creates.IMG_0438
After church we hurried home to prepare for some birthday celebrations.
First we decorated Nana’s birthday cake.IMG_0440
We went for our normal lunch at Nana and Papa’s and celebrated Nana’s birthday with Papa, Tor, Josh and Grandma Dale.IMG_0443
Hannah helping Papa with the dishes.IMG_0449
Later in the afternoon Grandma and Grandpa came over so that we could celebrate his birthday too.  He was singing Happy birthday to himself so Hannah stopped him.IMG_0452
A birthday pic with Grandpa and Grandma.  Hannah was in charge of the candles at both parties.  She felt the straight line approach was best!IMG_0455
Our day ended with a little time outdoors.  The weather was warmer and the sun up later so we took advantage of it.  You can tell when I get tired of winter because I take days like this and shovel the snow off the lawn and throw it on the road to melt.  Today I was doing that and Hannah decided a much better idea was to build a snow castle on the driveway.  So creative!IMG_0475
Ta da!!!IMG_0477
I love Sundays and I think you can see why.  Lots of time with my sweetie at church, home and with family!

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