Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Treasured Gift

When Hannah turned 3, M3 and I were chatting about gift ideas and she told me how much her girls had enjoyed the Disney Junior magazine when they were Hannah’s age.  I mentioned this to my parents and they purchased a 1 year subscription for her.  This gift quickly became a treasure and something she checked the mail for on almost a daily basis.  IMG_0497We receive either 6 or 8 magazines each year so it’s a long wait between them but she reads them over and over and over again!  (There are times when I spot it in the box but if we don’t have time for her to delve into it or if she’s not with me I leave it there for her to discover the following day.)  MMC magazine days are special days where she gets to get out of the car and help me collect the mail.  A special treat for sure!IMG_0499

These magazines are a wonderful combination of reading, writing activities, craft ideas as well as cutting and pasting.  IMG_0502

This year may parents extended her subscription again and she’s still just as excited now as she was then to open the mail box and see her magazine waiting! IMG_0505

This is what I hear each time she climbs back into the car.

The moment she’s buckled back into her car seat the magazine is open and then once home she can often be found walking down the hallway still reading it as she makes her way to a comfy spot to pour herself into her magazine.IMG_0510

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on going for your 2-5yo, I don’t think you can go wrong with Disney Junior.  There’s nothing better thank making supper and seeing your child absorbed in a good book!IMG_0513


  1. Love seeing that hat on the sweet girl!

  2. That is so cool, it encourages reading skills too. My grandson received "Yes" magazine from his grandparents for most of his growing up years. He got A's all through school in science. So sad that such a great Canadian publications for kids is no longer being produced. He poured over each issue and reread them till they were dog-eared and grubby and what a little scientist he is now. Jackie

  3. What a great gift that lasts the whole year through! Getting to be excited to go to the mailbox and to go through it the magazine over and over :)
    How wonderful they were able to renew her subscription for this year as well :)

  4. My kids love their magazine subscriptions. Another one Hannah would enjoy is Chirp - it's a canadian magazine for little ones with games and short stories.


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