Monday, March 04, 2013

Hannah’s 4th Birthday Party!

Wednesday was Hannah’s birthday so I decided to have her party right on the day.  I wasn’t sure if some kiddos might need to miss due to other commitments but that only happened with 3 and all the others were able to attend; many with siblings as well as her younger cousins.  DSC_1093 - Copy

DSC_1097 - Copy

DSC_1099 - Copy

DSC_1095 - Copy

DSC_1092 - Copy

The location we chose was fabulous and had a flat rate for up to 65 people.  You can’t beat that and it makes it so much easier to plan and open the invitation.  Hannah’s guests were comprised of cousins, friends from daycare, school, China sisters, gymnastics and Sunday School.  It was neat to see so many of her friends in one location and for their parents to meet my parents too.  DSC_1087

The party spot also took care of the majority of the details so all I needed to bring was a case of water for the adults, chips, cake and loot bags.  Part way through the party dad ran out and picked up pizza for us and that was that.  DSC_1104The majority of the time was left for the kids to play, play, play and they had a blast!pic1

The kiddos would run around the spaces pictured above, run out for a quick snack or drink and back in they went.  I had to laugh at how pink Hannah’s cheeks were!DSC_1062

She was not alone as all the kids were running, climbing, jumping and sliding like only kids can!




There were times when I wondered if it was the parents or the kiddos that were having more fun!DSC_1051DSC_1054

One of the many things I loved about our party place was that all the kiddos had fun – from 18 months DSC_1070DSC_1069

to 13 &15 years!DSC_1061

The climbing wall was also a big hit!DSC_1114


Hannah, I’m so glad that you had such a great birthday party with many of your friends!  You are loved by so many because you are such a great friend to others!DSC_1127 - Copy

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!!!


  1. Wow - that's a lot of friends! Glad you found a fun place to host that rather than at your house!! Can you imagine?? Looks like fun was had by all.


  2. Looks like you threw a great party, everyone had smiles on their faces. Was that the twins mom, manning the gun that shots balls out?Glad she had a great party.

  3. Kathy, yes that was me! LOL! J and I had as much fun (if not more) than the kids.:)
    What a great party, Cath! The twins fell fast asleep on the ride home. Glad we changed them into their jammies!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah! I started following your blog two years ago, just after her 2nd birthday. Wow, has she grown!!!

  5. How are our babies 4 already?! Happy birthday, Hannah!

  6. LOVE the photo of the two girls watching the candle. Looks as though everyone had a fabulous time! Also loved Hannah's reaction to Noah in the last post when he helped her blow out her candle. What an incredible sweet disposition she has...such a generous and loving little soul. I hope I can instill those same qualities in my little one! You are doing such a great job raising her, Mom!

  7. WOW! That is a huge party!! Happy Day!


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