Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Birthday Candle with a Wow Factor!

I’ve seen these candles online but had never found them in a store.  Last November that changed when I found one in a little store in The Villages, FL.  I tucked it away for Hannah’s birthday and brought it out for her party as a special treat for her.

Her little face was so sweet as everyone sang to her and her response at the end to the help her little friend Noah offered was absolutely precious!!  (Benjamin, you may want to avert your eyes. ;o)


More birthday party fun to come in tomorrow’s post.


  1. Cool, you found one! If you want to order some for the next birthday or two (it's hard to go back to a plain regular candle now), you can find them online at amazing candle. (Ship to me and I'll hang on to them for you.)

  2. I remember that same candle from when we were in China, they did a birthday party for all of our children. I have seen them here at some of the stores but have yet to buy one for M...she's not into fire. So many fun things for your girl, happy birthday Hannah.

  3. Awesome. We used one like that for rieley's first Gotcha day Anniv. Hope Hannah had a great birthday.

  4. That is the coolest candle I have ever seen!!! Her face was priceless!


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