Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to Canada Baby Grace!

Last night Hannah and I were excited to go to the airport to welcome home our newest little Canadian – Baby Grace!  (She looked extra adorable wearing one of Hannah’s baby outfits!)DSC_0300 - Copy

This picture was taken just moments after they entered the terminal and poor little Grace was a little overwhelmed by all that was happening around her.  From the safety and familiarity of Mommy’s arms she soon began to take in all that was happening around her.

Suzanne and I met through the waiting Mom’s group that gets together every-other month for dinner.  Suzanne has patiently waited year after year and celebrated with others as many babies have come home.  This time we couldn’t be more thrilled that it was Grace’s homecoming that we were able to celebrate last night!!

Hannah made a sign to welcome home baby Grace and she and her little friend Mhyia waited excitedly for their new little friend to arrive!DSC_0289 - Copy

New China sisters!  Our family is growing!DSC_0322

Congratulations Suzanne and Grace!  Welcome home Mommy!!


  1. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for your beautiful post welcoming baby Grace and her mom home! I wanted to ask you, how did you form that "waiting moms' group" that you are a part of? My husband and I are currently in the middle of our wait to adopt a daughter from China and sometimes it gets a bit lonely. Would sure be nice to have a group of other "waiting moms" to share it with! Maybe I could form my own group somehow . . .


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