Saturday, September 01, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 9, Part I–Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sadly our trip was drawing to a close all.  How can 10 days fly by so quickly?  I wasn’t sure what park(s) we’d go to on our final day so decided to ask Hannah what she wanted to do. 
Not surprising at all, when she woke up at 7:45 she immediately said she wanted to go on the ‘Pop Pop Ride’ (aka Toy Story Mania).  IMG_7731I took a look at the park hours for the day and quickly realized that we needed to put on the jets since Disney’s Hollywood Studios had Extra Magic Hours (EMH) that morning.  Morning EMH’s means that the park opens to resort guests 1 hour before the public.   Since we wanted to ride the headliner ride in that park it was essential that we get there sooner than later.  Hannah was only too happy to do that and we were out of the room within 30 mins of waking up!  That’s fast for us.  Heh….by day 9 I was no longer wearing make-up (since I’d sweat it off in the first hour anyway) and our clothes had been chosen the night before so we were quickly on our way.  IMG_7741
We arrived at Toy Story Mania at 8:45 and by then the FastPasses were already for return times in the early afternoon so that wasn’t going to work for us.  The standby time was displayed as 70 minutes which would normally scare me away but since it was the one ride Hannah asked to ride I decided we’d give it a try.  Boy was I glad we did!  The 70 minute wait ended up being only 20 and we were able to ride TSM twice in one hour!  Fun!!    My little helper getting our 3-D glasses.IMG_7734
It was neat to see Hannah’s score consistently improve over the 4 times we rode this ride.  Mommy’s score?  Not so much!
It was only 10am and we were on the move to the next park – Epcot.   Before leaving DHS we stopped by Starring Rolls Cafe and picked up a delicious cheese and fruit platter that we shared for breakfast.
Rather than take a bus to Epcot we took a boat which was a wonderful, relaxing way to get there and we were also able to enjoy breakfast on the way.  A nice change and fun place to eat.
Next up – Our day at Epcot and supper at Chef Mickey’s.


  1. HOw fun! So super jealous. I love the boat ride to Epcot. Didn't know that exsisted. So great!

  2. Those days go by so fast don't they!

    I am so pleased you managed to get on the Toy Story Ride. We have often found the queues aren't as long as they say, but it's worrying to get into a queue that's posted at 70 minutes.


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