Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!

Moon Festival celebrations, though still relatively new to North America, have been held throughout Asia for well over 1,000 years. This holiday is a time to reflect upon the bounty of the summer harvest and the fullness of the moon. The Moon Festival is often compared to a sort of "Chinese Thanksgiving" because of its spirit of gratitude and its inclusion of abundant food - including the popular moon cake. Moon cakes are flaky, round, semi-sweet pastries often filled with bean or lotus-seed paste and topped with a duck egg, echoing the shape of the full moon…or so I’m told.  The only ‘Moon Cakes’ I’ve eaten are sugar cookies iced with a soft orange icing, tinted to mimic the colour of the Autumn Moon.   (Hmmm, celebrating Thanksgiving in September/ October.  Sounds like the perfect time of year! Right Stacey??  Winking smile)
Hannah and I have had lots of fun this past week celebrating the Mid-Autumn moon with many friends.  First off we met with another travel group from our agency whose sweet girls are also from Hunan.  It was also during this get together that we realized even though our DD’s came home from China 10 months apart from one another that all the girls will enter JK (Junior Kindergarten) next September.   They seemed so far apart in age the first time we were together and now as they’re growing that age gap is quickly vanishing.  IMG_7984
I am so thankful for the friendships we have developed not only with our own travel group but with this one too!  When they were planning their travel to China Hannah and I were invited to go and I shared of our experience in China.  From the day we met this group welcomed us with open arms and it’s wonderful!  Thank you friends!  We enjoy celebrating these special events with you.
While we were there Hannah made a beautiful Chinese lantern.  It’s amazing to see how much more intricate Hannah’s crafts can be now compared to a year ago.  She did a great job!!IMG_7992
Our second party was hosted last Tuesday by our friends Ange and Gavin and their boys.  There were more beautiful lanterns to create.IMG_8006
A picture of the ‘big kids’ minus the adorable two little babies who were busy cruisin’ around.IMG_8012
After supper we took the kiddos out for their lantern walk and found the moon.IMG_8021
We attempted one final group shot with the littles but since it was almost an hour past most of the kiddos bedtimes…oye!  They had done really well all evening but by now were ready to call it a day.  Hannah crashed within minutes of her head hitting the pillow when we got home. IMG_8030
Tonight was the true Autumn Moon so Hannah and I went out for a quick walk with her lanterns in search of the moon.  Unfortunately it was hidden behind the clouds but we had fun anyway.
Searching for the moon while wearing her super hero cape.DSC_0538
I love you XiaoFen!  It’s been such fun celebrating this festival with you!DSC_0547


  1. Very fun all your activities. We unfortunately missed all the events as they were all on Saturday and Maisie had a meet. Oh well, maybe next year. Cute pictures and Hannah is looking so grown up.

  2. Awesome festivities! Looks like such a fun time!

  3. LOL! Where did Hannah learn the hand on hip pose. :) she looks so grown up I missed her the first time I saw the pic. Beautiful dress. Meigan and I were disappointed we couldn't see the moon last night because of the clouds but saw it this morning on the way to daycare.


    1. Ah yes, The Pose. She's in a phase right now where as soon as I bring out the camera she either turns away or looks away. She learned posing from a friend and at least looks at the camera a bit when she does it. The problem is it makes her look 16! NOOO!

  4. Thanksgiving in September/October ~ still can't wrap my head around that one. NOVEMBER is the month of Thanksgiving. Plus that way, there is a holiday to look forward to between Halloween and Christmas. Otherwise it would be very long drawn out fall. Just sayin'.

    Love all the pictures. REALLY love the pink and blue lanterns. Where did you find those. They are perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. The ones I found are much too small.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival!!!

  5. I love the picture of Hannah looking up at the moon (or FOR the moon) with her lantern in hand. What a precious group of children that is, too!

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