Saturday, September 01, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 9, Part III–Chef Mickey’s

Our final special dinner of this trip was one of Hannah’s favourites: Chef Mickey’s with her special friends from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Even 2+ years later this is still her go-to show and first love and I’m still as impressed as ever with the content of their shows and all that they teach her.
Chef Mickey’s was the very first Disney experience Hannah really ever had – at the young age of just 13 months in April of 2010.  So sweet!  Here she is with her friend D and mommy Auntie Doris.  Check out our little sweeties!Chef Mickey Apr 2012
A big change from now, 2 1/2 years laterIMG_7800
As we were waiting for our table they hosted a dance party and Hannah got right into it!
When we were seated at our table I decided to do something a little special for Hannah.  Truly she is amazing!!!  When she was little Nana taught her that when we’re shopping she can hold things, carry them around a store and then when it’s time to leave the store we happily put them back.  To this day that’s they way she is and very rarely asks for anything while we’re out.  One way to give her a little surprise was to order a fun little drink so I ordered her a Shirley Temple with a glowing ice cube.  It came with cherries in it which only made my cherry monster happier!  This was her reaction when it arrived.
Soon our character friends began to arrive.  This time her pal Goofy came by our table first.IMG_7824
Followed by MickeyIMG_7807
and Minnie.IMG_7816
Minnie was especially excited about Hannah’s special drink!
Pluto was signing his autographs at the front of the restaurant as we were leaving.IMG_7828
*sign* No table service credits left.  One more reminder that our awesome trip was drawing to a close.  (I must say, each time I received these bills and saw what would normally have been charged for these meals I was once again glad that Disney had offered us a free dining package!  Bonus!!)IMG_7826
We were both sad to leave but happy to know that it won’t be too long until we’re back.  IMG_7839
We have our annual 2 day trip planned in November with Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa to look forward to.  And, since Disney was offering a bounce-back offer with Free Dining if I booked a return package before check out, I booked us in for next August.  Yay!!
My princess tucked in with her favourite friends.  IMG_7842
Farewell Disney, See ya real soon!IMG_7836


  1. Love, love , love your posts. Seriously, you need to be a Disney planner and charge some big bucks. Wow, on getting free dining plan. It is the way to go and we will have to try and plan our next trip around one of those deals. Did you take a seperate suitcase for all of Hannah's friends? Too funny, I limit Rieley to one or 2 friends or she would take them all. Can't wait to see your next adventures to Disney and around.Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. You are a woman after my heart! Our family loves Disney just as much and our little China Princess has little tears as Hannah did everytime we have to say goodbye. We are fortunate my parents live in the Villages, I think that is where you go in November as the scenery is very familiar. It warms my heart to see the love between the two of you and how much fun you have together!!! Thanks for sharing your Blog and your life with all of us.

  3. I absolutely love revisiting Disney through your detailed posts! So much fun to follow you and your daughter through your trip! Thanks for sharing!
    Kate in Geneva

  4. Love like a wonderful Disney trip as always...I've enjoyed reading about your visit and seeing all the pictures!


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